According to a bill published this week, the social security workers collection fund should receive 10 percent of the justice tax (- the total amount of social security debts collected) in 2018.

"The 2018 goal for social security debt collection was exceeded," according to the minister of finance, Mário Centeno.

"Total social security debt collection last year amounted to €15.017 million".

The percentage for the Social Security Executive Collection Fund, created in April of this year to encourage coercive collection of debts through a remuneration supplement for employees, similar to that which exists for employees of the Tax and Customs Authority (AT) - is defined annually by government, which on Monday set the new 10% rate, below the maximum permitted limit of 25%.

In the preamble of the diploma, the government stated that in the last three years, social security debts collected annually averaged €630 million.