IRS refunds start to be processed

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The IRS campaign entered the stage of processing refunds to taxpayers, a source from the Ministry of Finance said on 22 April, signalling the start of payment of the first refunds 21 days after the filing of the declarations started.

Contrary to what has happened in recent years, in the IRS delivery campaign currently underway, the Government has chosen not to commit itself to an average deadline for the tax return to taxpayers, and on 22 April it has been announced that the processing phase has started refunds.

In 2019, the average repayment term for the IRS automatic declarations was around 11 days.

The IRS's annual declaration on income earned in 2019 began filing on 1 April and ends on June 30.


Filed tax return 03/20/2020 accepted same day as of 05/09/2020 I am still getting the same message “ We have received your tax return and it is being processed. ” I have not received any form of communication from the IRS and unfortunately you can not call and speak with anyone. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I did receive my stimulus payment on the 15th though.

By Cara Carpenter from USA on 09-05-2020 05:33

My name is Nykk and I receive SSI we're is my payment?

By Nicholas from USA on 06-05-2020 05:16

I filed in February it got accepted. but have not received my federal refund and my stimulus check but it was not there. I have not heard anything and I can't get any additional information. This is so frustrating. You can't get any answers and you can't get the money they said you are supposed to get.

By Sara walker from USA on 24-04-2020 08:41

I'm on disability when will I get my check.

By Clifton Jorden from USA on 24-04-2020 08:01

I had a letter delivered on Feb 27 I'm still waiting my return still processing are y'all going to give me my stuff because I called tax advocate ppl for my state they not answering because coronavirus my stuff been processing for over 60 days because it's under review for what because they right they sent my a 4464c letter to my house just one

By Keyana Jackson from USA on 24-04-2020 05:21

Good morning, I'm one of the many that has filled my 2018,2019 taxes thru turbo tax my 2018 went to my checking account but 2019 I didn't have a checking account so, I had my taxes put on a Intuit turbo reloadable card, well I figured my stimulas wld come on my turbo card cause that's all I read about was how u got ur taxes wld be how u wld get ur stimulas, but I never heard anything about putting the stimulas checks on reloaded cards it wld only say checking accounts so I did some digging and found out that wasn't going to be the case if u didn't have a bank account u wld be waiting on a check, I'm among alot of others and falling behind in my bills so as soon as I cld get in the get my payment portal I was on it of course I entered all info and it needed my account info now that I have a checking account I put my info in. the very next day it said I qualified and when they get a date they wld put my stimulas in account so&so well that's been a week Ina half ago.. nothing's changed I check once a day. now the portal says it's gonna be down 23,24, 25 due to maintenance, I hope it's to sort thru to see how many of us are stressfully waiting on our checks. I'm thankful to get this little bit of money, I do need it so I'm hoping to get mine soon

By Angela from USA on 24-04-2020 04:26

I had my 2019 taxes done on 4/7/20 with my correct direct deposit information. Did not receive the stimulus check on April 15. When I looked at my 2019 return to check my direct deposit information, it was COMPLETELY incorrect! Never seen that bank account information. When I called H&R Block , who filed our taxes, and they said that is their account information for my individual return and where my refund is to go first so they can receive their payment then the rest would be sent to my banking account for deposit. I about went through the roof !! So your bank account information is on my income tax return and that is why I did not receive my Stimulus payment. He said yes your stimulus did come through to that account and was bounced back since it was not your correct bank information. I could have reached through the phone and .....I better not say but... He said we are recommending that you go on to the website and enter your correct bank account information and they should be trying to resend the stimulus payments again next Wednesday. I said so I paid $300 some dollars to have my taxes done and all it did was mess up my Stimulus payment and my 2019 Federal Refund that has been sitting in still processing since 4/7/20. I asked, how can you put your bank account information on my physical 2019 Return ? I gave my correct information and you just change it and don't tell me and now my return that goes to the IRS has bogus bank account information. I bet you H&R Block got paid and you got paid, BUT I have to wait ! That doesn't sound Legal at all !!!!! Can someone help with this ? Still waiting on Stimulus and my 2019 Refund. Have my car in shop waiting to be picked up, plus all other bills!! Also, I filed 4 weeks of unemployment, just got that finally on 4/22/20, but have not received any if the extra $600 per week that I qualify for since I was furloughed from my job. Thanks, please help ! Diane Burkhart

By Diana Burkhart from USA on 24-04-2020 04:15

I filed my taxes jan29 turbotax accepted the same day feb13 received a 60 day review letter telling me its nothing needed from me and don't call back into April13 if I haven't received my refund all I got is your return is still processing a refund day provided when available can I please have my much needed refund

By Dionante Beaver from USA on 24-04-2020 03:43

Im still waiting for the $500 per child I have not received the $500. Can someone with the correct information give more information about this ?
Thank you in advance have a blessed day.

By Lashaunda from USA on 24-04-2020 03:34

I sent my application almost 2 weeks ago.and I haven't received my stimulus check,and when I go to check my payment status it says payment not I'm confused what's really going on they don't even gives us any information rather and I am really in a need of the cash

By Nverik Yaghoomian from USA on 24-04-2020 03:27

I filed my taxes way back in February, I was having issue submitting electronically. So I had no choice but to mail both my W-2 application off on two different date. The first one I sent was on the 23rd of February and the 2nd one on 26th of February. So course that would've taken even longer to get process, (6-8 weeks) to get accepted by irs. I kept count each day and by April 19th which was to check up on my refund I never received anything through email or notification saying it has been accepted or even deposited in my account or anything. Now here it is we're towards the end of April, I haven't heard from anybody. Now I'm having the same issue with the stimuluscheck.

By Shakura Smith from USA on 24-04-2020 03:25

Seems to me money is being sent to inactive accounts. So we cant access it. In other words its not ours or hasnt actually been sent? The portal for non filers says theres no info an my account and it cant be found. I have documents saying i was accepted. I didnt use direct deposit. So my check should be mailed to me. Havent seen anything. My sons are waiting on paperwork from the IRS to receive their federal returns. Its been 3 months and nothing. Weve emailed and called and nothing. We are in need in a very poor county of KY. Waiting and wondering to no avail. It was promised, it should be fulfilled. But we wont hold our breath. We might have our lights and water disconnected, and cant pay our rent but that doesnt affect anyone who is controlling the stimulus money or federal returns. So thanks so much for your help (written with sarcasm)!

By Vicki L Phillips from USA on 24-04-2020 03:19

I have yet to get my stimulus check, my work has been shut down since March 14, I'm self employed haven't been able to file for unemployment yet either because it isn't open for us to apply until the 28th of April, I applied for a ppp loan and many other personal and business loans, I was denied for all of them, I have been without an income since my work stopped, I have a wife and two kids and I don't know how we are going to make it. How can I feed my kids.

By Richard Gibbs from USA on 24-04-2020 03:15

Been filing over 40yrs, and have a H&R Block emerald card. I called H&R and they said that they sent the money back. I’m so confused... why?

By Sheila from USA on 24-04-2020 03:09

Hi I receive Social Security disability benefits and I am yet to receive my stimulus money. Not sure if you can give me some answers

By Alayna Williams from USA on 24-04-2020 03:07

If you are a adult and you was filled as a dependent on 2019 but you are on ssi do you get a check

By Tiffany Johnson from USA on 24-04-2020 03:07

Where is my stimulus check at i have H & R block i haven't recieved the first one im lost i heard it's a second one that's not fair i put my bank info in two weeks ago it won't give me a date or nothing. Just ????

By Nakesha. Erwin from USA on 24-04-2020 03:05

I received my state. But not my Federal or stimulus check . I filed my taxes February 8.2020

By Clannell Reddin from USA on 24-04-2020 02:56

I'm on ssi and I didn't get my stimulus check yet i thought it was sent out in April but I didn't get it yet why

By ROBERT Ohearn from USA on 24-04-2020 02:52

Have not received my tax return yet and I filed with trubotax

By Edward from USA on 24-04-2020 02:51

I filed my taxes Feb 8 and received my state back which was reduced to pay 2017 federal taxes owed... Still no federal refund as of today

By Karen from USA on 24-04-2020 02:49

Same as some above. Disabled and still no check. And it seems nobody is even talking about us. They talk about social security recipients w/dependants but not without! Our information is right there and we are among the lowest income and need it as much if not more. But I have only come across one small paragraph in one article that said that it should be by the end of the month! Rediculous!

By James Adams from USA on 24-04-2020 02:46

No stimulus?

By Matthew Burks from USA on 24-04-2020 02:45

I'm on ssi and I didn't get my stimulus check yet i thought we got them on or in April

By ROBERT Ohearn from USA on 24-04-2020 02:45

Good morning! I I haven't received my stimulus check and either my refund check! Also try to go on the website to type in my information and it keeps telling me not available and then it tells me that my refund is still being processed I have received anything yet and my rent due & my bills are passed due I'm still waiting I am also out of work and it's stressful! How long are they going to take ???

By Ivette Lugo from USA on 24-04-2020 02:41

No stimulus check. No telephone number to call. IRS website not working: misinformation from IRS website. Person over stimulus checks says on t.v. everything is fine!?

By Deb from USA on 24-04-2020 02:21

I’m on Disability will I be getting a check and when can I expect it to come

By Emily Ramirez from USA on 24-04-2020 02:18

I didn'get my unemployment and stimulate check from government and Iam US citizen

By Lakshman wijewickarama samarakoon from USA on 24-04-2020 02:09

I haven't received any Unemployment and still no Stimulus check. The system says Eligible but no date.
When will I receive my ???? money.

By Bertha Oliver from USA on 24-04-2020 02:06

I owed taxes, paid them. I've not received any stimulus. My husband is retired, no stimulus.
My daughter lost her job on March 13 due to the virus. Two small children and separated from her husband. She filed a paper tax return in February. The IRS has no record of her return, but the post office says they received it. She has received no refund, no stimulus check, and no unemployment. If they base it on her 2018 taxes, it will go to her non-child support paying ex-husband who didn't give her a penny last year when they filed jointly. You can't get a live person on the phone with the IRS to explain and correct this. How are we supposed to resolve this? The IRS should be hiring and open, not closed

By Tammie from USA on 24-04-2020 02:04

I filled my federal tax back in February on the 5th I got a letter said wait till 60days are up and I have and it still says it is being processing and I cant call them about it I'm still waiting on it sucks

By Chris from USA on 24-04-2020 01:58

I haven't received My stimulus check ..i been doing my taxes for the last 2 years with TurboTax. .i called TurboTax they said they have nothing to do with the stimulus check that the irs does and they have all my info..and wen i go to the irs website and put my information it says im eligible...then i put how much i made in a year it says wrong information i put both years it still says wrong information...i dont know what else to do

By Nilsa Roman from USA on 24-04-2020 01:36

When do the people on disability start receiving our check ? I have direct deposit.

By Andrew Jones from USA on 24-04-2020 01:26

I filed my taxes through TurboTax in February it got accepted. I received my state refund the beginning of April but have not received my federal refund and my stimulus check was supposed to be in my account on April 15 but it was not there. I have not heard anything and I can't get any additional information. This is so frustrating. You can't get any answers and you can't get the money they said you are supposed to get.

By Darlene Lightner-Stasher from USA on 24-04-2020 01:25

Still have not gotton my check they got my bank info but still nothing?

By NICOLE LYNN GORTON from USA on 24-04-2020 01:24

I'm a non-filer and just like some here receive disability payments and still haven't received a check from the stimulus package. Will I get one...

By David Carter from USA on 24-04-2020 01:03

My son hasn't received his tax refund or unemployment. I haven't received my tax refund or stimulus. Out if 100 people only 2 have received their stimulus and.they already had money. I think government ran out of money so how.can they give 2nd.stimulus when they can't follow.through with the first?

By Brenda from USA on 24-04-2020 12:37

I have not received my payment and I have a H&R Block elmand card why have I not got it yet.

By Mary Kay Johnson from USA on 24-04-2020 12:33

I filed on March 1, it got accepted through Turbo tax, and received my state tax return and my stimulus check, but not my federal tax return, i keep checking it online still shows under processing.

By Noorullah Sayed Raza from USA on 24-04-2020 12:33

When will I receive my stimulus check?

By David Anderson from USA on 24-04-2020 11:50

When will I receive my stimulus check?

By David Anderson from USA on 24-04-2020 11:48

When will I receive my stimulus check?

By David Anderson from USA on 24-04-2020 11:44

I filed my 2018 taxes, received it direct deposit, and file my 2019 taxes in February, I owe for the federal but, received my State through direct deposit, before this pandemic, I did not receive a stimulus check on the April 15 when the first wave of checks went out, on the 16, I was able to get through the IRS where's my payment and put my bank info in once again, I then received the message day after day that you are eligible, and will up date you here on when you will receive your check in the direct deposit listed below, but this week still nothing, I filed unemployment back in March and still have not received one payment yet from the state of Ohio, I have not been able to pay my rent for the month, car payment or insurance, and here comes a new month next week. This is a bad situation for many, along with stressful and are you can do is wait woth no answer, because know is available to take your call at this time, due to high volume calls.

By Cereatha Smith from USA on 24-04-2020 11:36

I also didn't receive my money they have my bank info cause they took my money that I had to pay back for federal

By Shannon Geiger from USA on 24-04-2020 10:51

So much misleading information about the stimulus payment I receive disability and I already have direct deposit information with Social Security and I still have not received my payment I need to buy food I have other bills that is growing I live alone and I'm stressed out and being in the house everyday all day and I live alone is very stressful and bills is backing up on me

By David Harris from USA on 24-04-2020 08:49

I filed my 2019 electronically 3/27/2020 according to turbo tax my anticipated refund date was 4/17/2020. My return still says processing on the IRS website. I also have not received my stimulus of $1200 on "get my payment" my status says "no payment info available" and I believe this is due to my return still being processed because i am eligible for it. My AGI was $7,700 for 2019. I know that i failed to add a W2 and they may be the reason my return is still in process status, I have since mailed in a amended return with the added W2 and sent in all documents required. Do you know the status of how the IRS will proceed with paying out stimulus to taxpayers who returns are still being processed or if the IRS will reach out to us who need to submit more info for our returns to be processed? Will we not get the stimulus if it takes to lomg for our return to be processed? Im a single mother of 2 with a ton of bills and recently declined a job offer at hospital for a Medical Assistant position in my college degree field due to a underlying health condition and the COVID-19 Pandemic. I need that stimulus and unemployment too but I have nothing! Please help or advise how to get info on refund. Thanks

By Ashley Whitsey from USA on 24-04-2020 08:41

Yes I filled out the non fillerforms andthe direct deposit information as well , the week before the portal was announced and released to the nation the week of the 17 th of April 2020. I still have not heard anything that the IRS has accepted or processed my information to recieve a stimulus check. I'm a single mother of 2 children. I really need to know if I am even going to get one?

By Priscilla Tingen from USA on 24-04-2020 08:20

Hello, My name is Marland and I've filled out the non filers form for me and my disabled mother, I've given my bank account information and also hers, But we have yet to receive any type of stimulus payment, I don't have any depends and nether does she, But early in the the news article I read instructed us to fill out these forms if we wanted to receive our payment faster in our bank account, We still haven't received anything, We both make less than 10,000 a year So I don't know what else to do at this point but wait, Even though we shouldn't have to because all of the necessary steps were taken on our behalf

By Marland Jones from USA on 24-04-2020 07:02

I receive disability and not required to file taxes and I make less than $10,000 question is when should I expect my $1,200.

By Cynthia Groves from USA on 24-04-2020 07:01

Dose anyone no when ssi recipients will receive stimulas checks

By Tammy Mcdowell from USA on 24-04-2020 02:42

Win are we getting are money check

By Elizabeth Moore from USA on 24-04-2020 01:49


To whom it may concern,

I updated my bank account still no response on the stimulus check.

By Melissa Galarza from Other on 24-04-2020 01:43

I filed on February 2, it got accepted on February 4, for the last month it has been processed and I still waiting for it

By Richard Piper Jr from USA on 24-04-2020 01:31

So tell us we that are SSD, retirement,should we expect our Coronavirus stimulus money to be put in our automatic deposit account..millions already got it but many of us has not....does it seem fair that all should get it and not just a few????? All for one and one for all....and not play should not take weeks nor months and really should not be broken down to distribute at will on government pleasure...thank you

By Donald Glenn Day from USA on 24-04-2020 01:18

I have no income at all. I put in my checking information a week ago and still no response.

By Stephanie Morris from USA on 24-04-2020 01:14

Hello, This is Curesser Reynolds I was trying to go on my payment app and was trying to put in my information in and it was telling me it couldn’t find it but my Checking information is:

By Curesser Reynolds from USA on 24-04-2020 01:02

Where is my stimulus payment

By Teresa Stormont from USA on 24-04-2020 12:46

I’m unemployed,single,54yrsoldwith numerous health issues. My ssi is under an appeal , second lawyer! I have limited help from family and friends! I’m in need. Desperately! I haven’t revived my stimulus check??????

By Lorraine Ferelli from USA on 24-04-2020 12:38

On IRS web site shows my money deposited on April 15 I used TurboTax for 2019 there fore that account rejected and send the money to IRS when I will get my check

By Getiye Dubale from USA on 24-04-2020 12:12

I'm wondering if I'm going to get check I gave my bank account number and haven't received nothing yet.

By Robin wingard from USA on 23-04-2020 11:53

So i am a trible member

By Bobbiejo A Workman from USA on 23-04-2020 11:50

Actually I come Portugal in August 2019 and I am doing job here and I don't know who to pay IRS kindly please explain in this thank you.

By Mani from Lisbon on 23-04-2020 11:50

When will paper refunds begin to be processed? I mailed my return in on march 1st and still haven't heard anything

By Quinita McHie from USA on 23-04-2020 11:47

Hey my name is angel allen and I'm trying to see do I get a stimulus check and I have not received my taxes yet

By Angel Allen from USA on 23-04-2020 11:40

My name is pam..I'm see were my son check is at...

By Pam from Other on 23-04-2020 11:05

What about individuals that had to amend their 2018 tax return and its sitting on someone desk or in storage havent been processed? The IRS had it since October 7, 2019 and it haven't been processed. I have called numerous times and havent been able to talk to anyone. Please help.

By Tracy Ratliff from USA on 23-04-2020 10:49

When will I get mine

By David wittek from USA on 23-04-2020 10:30

When will people on SS and has a 1099 receive their money br direct deposit be?

By Tresea Reid from USA on 23-04-2020 09:56

When will SSI people with a 1099 when will their check be sent out.

By Tresea Reid from USA on 23-04-2020 09:51

I am on Social Security when will we get a money Stainlessput into our account

By Carol from USA on 23-04-2020 09:39

Can't access 'Get My Payment' due to me owing money in 2018 and I just filed my 2019 refund, which haven't updated yet. So when I'm being asked to enter the amount owed, I'm getting an error message. I've tried multiple amounts that I've gotten from IRS Letters, my Transcripts and from the Payment line and neither of them work so I have no idea what number you're actually looking for. Would be beneficial to have a chat line to help customers like me since no phone support is available.

By Kimberly Dunbar from USA on 23-04-2020 08:53

Why can't the IRS ask for help to distribute the stimulus money, this is just wrong for people to wait. The IRS can't get taxes done in a normal year. This Will reflect at the ballot box in November, Mark my word?

By David Harrelson from USA on 23-04-2020 08:50

My income tax refund was held up until I Could Verify My Identification, The Letter i received dated March 30, 2020 gave me 30 days to contact the irs office unfortunately that office has temporarily suspended operations will they automatically give me an extension?

By Henry from USA on 23-04-2020 08:47

I received social security from my direct deposit do I need to do any thing to get my stimulus check.

By Bernice Mitchell from USA on 23-04-2020 08:37

I was suppose to have received my refund back in Feb 2020 but my bank rejected it because of the amount and so it got sent back to the IRS. And now the status of it says Take Action. I’ve spoke with someone back in early March 2020 and they said it would take 8 weeks to receive a check and that I’ll receive a letter in the mail but I haven’t receive anything. And I still haven’t receive anything on the Stimulus Payment either and no information has been provided or status updates. So now I’m wondering where is my refund?

By Vanessa vanwinkle from USA on 23-04-2020 08:08

I am on reaterment
I was just wanting to know will I get my money

By Jerrybiggs from USA on 23-04-2020 07:07

i mailed income tax by mail the beging of marchhow long wiil it take to get it

By adrian huerta from USA on 23-04-2020 06:54

Help me out

By Renee M Odell from USA on 23-04-2020 05:56

I haven't receive my tax refund at all it says receive but its still processing how long it's gonna process I was under a 60 day hold because I had my taxes stole by a tax preparer before my days ended April 20th and still nothing its not like I can call the irs cause there not answering there phones

By Desiree Johnson from USA on 23-04-2020 05:50

I m not get my stimulus payment

By Samuel Molisho from USA on 23-04-2020 05:50

I'm selves imploy im make 27 .43

By Henrique De pina from USA on 23-04-2020 04:55

I haven't received my stimulus check it say itd been sent to an unknown account. Tried calling irs no answers. I have also to receive my refund due to a topic 151 issue. Who do I contact in regards to this matter. I tried contacting a tax advocate. This has been such a troubling time for me and mines

By JAmes Biddle from USA on 23-04-2020 04:30

My husband just filed our tax return, married filing joint, on 4/17/2020. We just married 10/2/2019. In 2018 I was claimed as a dependent we are both on SSDI and have not received our stimulus deposit. Will the IRS go off of our 2019 tax filing to get us our stimulus payment?

By Susan Froehlich from USA on 23-04-2020 03:18

To whom it may concern
i am a tax payer and i have not filled my tax return for 2019 but i did filed for 2018 the reason i have not filed my 2019 is because of corona virus and i am stuck here at work (northslope) is there a chance that i could receice my stimulus check?

By Winnie from USA on 23-04-2020 03:06

I haven't filled taxes since 2017 I am disabled will I get a stimulous?

By Patricia s boutwell from USA on 23-04-2020 03:05

I havet got a check

By Alice Hodge from USA on 23-04-2020 02:49

I sent my taxes 3/26 with turbo tax and hasn't been prossed so I didn't get my stimulus and have no money or job I hope this speeds it up

By Shawn mcarthur from USA on 23-04-2020 02:42

I hope all is well... My check went to an account that was closed, Icant update my information.. It was sent to that account on the 15th. Now I have no clue what's going with the payment. Can someone tell me what to do.

By Carolyn Davila from USA on 23-04-2020 02:13

To Whom it May Concern,
I file my taxes in February and received a letter stating my income was being verified and that there was no action needed on my end and it could take up to 60 days. I was supposed ton contact the IRS after 60 days if I had not received it. I obviously can't get ahold of anyone at this point in time but am in dire need of my return as I am a single mother with physical disabilities and it's going on 90 days. Can I please get information on if, and when I will be receiving my 3600 dollar refund? I know I do not owe any taxes and have never had this problem before. As you can imagine, I need this money more than ever right now. Please contact me with an answer and possibly a date I will be receiving my tax refund?
Sheena Myers

By Sheena Myers from USA on 23-04-2020 01:43

Dear Madam/Sir
Good Morning,
I hope you are good and doing well.
So I have a question It's my 1st IRS,
Some one told me that you put your bank account number some documents already are submitted.
So kindly tell me about this.
And already i have fill my IRS and send it to Finance office.
Thanks and best wishes Regard
Muhammad Irfan

By Muhammad Irfan from Other on 23-04-2020 08:11
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