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Next year John Hammond celebrates 50 years of presence in the Algarve.

During this time he has become one of the longest established real estate agents in the region, worked with touristic resorts in Vilamoura and also in farming.
Each of his activities has its own value and contributes with up to date real values when advising investors. The activities are managed by John Hammond himself and supported and operated by long standing talented personnel advisors.

Real Estate
Real estate activities from John Hammond have been largely due to recommendation. “The agency is famous for reliable values and a complete knowledge of the industry however the importance now is the future” said John. “I can say without hesitation the Coronavirus situation did not have a negative effect on property values and even banks are adjusting their tables upwards. One must remember that the property market took time to recover from the 2008 crash and only recent years was the old inventory taken up.”
“In 2019 agents spent considerable time contacting each other for inventory. We are lucky to operate in an area of top end properties which are setting new trends and values. Also new infrastructure, roads, Mar Shopping, improved security and numerous restaurants have created interest in non resort property. Without doubt there is a growing demand in this sector and once again property is the safest and most rewarding investment.”

“Tourism is an industry that we have many years of hands on experience in”, explains John. “It has certainly had its highs and lows and for years was badly regulated. However, today investment in tourism is welcomed by the Portuguese Government and I have witnessed the years of promotion encouraging different nationalities and of course the UK as always.”
“We now enjoy the flow of tourists from countries such as Germany, Ireland, Scandinavia, France, Spain, Holland and othersm not forgetting Portugal’s tremendous history which is a large contributing factor. “

“Some years ago it became obvious that agricultural and energy projects would be important for the future,” said John. “We invested in an Algarve farm then intended to become a vineyard supplying the famous Cliff Richard super product, Nova Vida. Today it produces honey and timber. We are being asked to consider mass planting of a plant which will be exported for Cancer research and it is a joy to be associated with such a facility.”


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