Associations dedicated to the protection of animals are part of the range of different institutions based in the municipality, with which the Municipality of Lagoa has been strengthening cooperation ties during this pandemic period of COVID-19.

Mayor Luís Encarnação and vice-president Anabela Simão visited the premises of “Jardim de Ariel” and “Carvoeiro Cat Charity” (CCC), headquartered in Lagoa and Carvoeiro, respectively, on 27 May, 2020.

To better understand the operating conditions of these animal support structures, and to verify on the spot the difficulties they face, particularly in this phase of exceptional public space experience, and to define ways to reinforce support to institutions, were the main objectives of the visit.

The two associations devote a large part of their efforts to the identification of colonies of street animals, mainly cats, to their collection and sterilisation. At the same time that these animals receive care, there is also a hope that they will deserve the attention of someone who can adopt them.

The opportunity was therefore used to reinforce the public appeal for the adoption of these animals. The fact that street animals are generally more resistant to diseases is one of several advantages that make them good choices for pets.

In the meantime, the number of cats collected by CCC and Jardim de Ariel is already rising to three hundred. Luís Encarnação and Anabela Simão declared on the spot their recognition for the work of these institutions.

All people interested in knowing and adopting one of these animals should contact the referenced institutions directly. For this, online communication channels are available, such as e-mail addresses:;; the respective profiles on the facebook network: “O Jardim de Ariel”; or “Carvoeiro Cat Charity”; or to other forms of contact available there.