With a strong influence from the golden period of the Portuguese Discoveries, today it is the residents, tourists and visitors who are able to discover Lagos for themselves, from indulging in food from the land and the sea, hearing the sounds of the waves against the shore, to experiencing the fresh aromas from the ocean and drinking in the dramatic coastline and lush nature.

However, Lagos is much more than just the natural beauty of the region, the history and the tradition. Here you are able to make the most of the activities and actions taking place throughout the municipality and able to experience everything from cultural events to sports.
Despite the current pandemic and restrictions it has placed on everyday life, Lagos continues to look to the future with positivity while maintaining all health and safety protocols related to Covid-19.

Under the motto of “Lagos Avança”, there have been many projects and works that highlight the constant progress of the municipality. An example of this is the rehabilitation of the Roman ruins of Luz and the walls of Lagos, the improvement in access to the beaches, the new project for trails in Ponta da Piedade and the requalification of some riverside fronts, such as Estrada da Meia Praia and Estrada da Luz. In addition to the renovation of street furniture and the acquisition of computer equipment, education will also be reinforced with the construction of the new Escola 1º Ciclo + JI da Luz. Also on the table are improvements in the service of supply and sanitation of waters and plans to increase the supply of municipal housing.

Lagos has also been developing strategies to support its entrepreneurs and, simultaneously, attract new businesses and people who, thanks to their talent and dynamics, can bring new economic activities to the municipality. Aware of its growing importance, the municipality has provided several projects to support companies and start up’s through initiatives such as, InvestAlgarve and investor support, Algarve Revit + with the revitalisation of business areas, the recent adhesion to Algarve STP in a more technological aspect and the consolidation of the Espaço Empresa, with the expansion of facilities and services provided to entrepreneurs and businesses, all without losing sight, through the SuSTowns project, of the entrepreneurship awareness for innovation and sustainability.

With such a diverse and cosmopolitan municipality, where people from different countries come together and with different backgrounds, it is normal for many to choose the welcoming and safe destination of Lagos for their residence or simply to return on their holidays, year after year. The foreign community has a strong voice and level of participation in the life of the municipality, and has collaborated with the municipality in various community support initiatives, reinforcing Lagos as a land to discover, explore and dream about, now and into the future.