“Today (21 October) we are opening the third Accessible Income contest with 75 houses. We did the first with 120, the second with 30 and this with a further 75”, said Paula Marques.

Through the Safe Income Programme, private individuals can rent houses to the municipality and subsequently sublet them at affordable prices.

Since 2013, the Lisbon City Council, led by the PS, has already brought around 600 homes into programmes aimed at families with intermediate incomes (conventional income and affordable income), said Marques.

Paula Marques also mentioned that, by the end of this year, the municipality will launch two more Accessible Income contests and, during the year 2021, the objective is to “deliver at least about 500 houses” under this programme.

Under the rules of the Affordable Income Programme, each person or household will spend a maximum of 30 percent of their net salary on rent.

According to the chamber, the value of a T0 varies between €150 and €400, the price of a T1 is between €150 and €500 and a T2 will have a price that can range from €150 to €600.