According to data released by the Institute of Health Administration (IASAUDE), this is the tenth consecutive day without new situations of infection by covid-19 in the archipelago.

Patients who are still active "are being followed by health authorities on an outpatient basis, without the need for hospital care," he says.

On May 15, Hospital Dr.Nélio Mendonça, in Funchal, carried out 57 tests on patients admitted to the health unit or subjected to diagnostic or therapeutic procedures, with 53 negative and four awaiting results, amounting to 1,722 processed samples in this group.

Also on Friday, 137 tests were carried out in support structures for the elderly in the region, with “all of them having negative results”. So far, health authorities have tested 2,415 people related to these social responses, the epidemiological bulletin mentions.

The IASAUDE also points out that the 25 tests carried out in hotels have given negative results, adding 664 to the evaluation of people who finished confinement determined by the authorities.

Regarding the total test for covid-19 in Madeira, “to date, 7,261 samples have been processed in the laboratory of the Regional Health Service”, he points out, adding that 6,461 people were covered in this region that did not register any death caused by covid-19 until now.

In Madeira, 1,529 suspected cases of infection were reported, 1,439 of which were excluded.

Of the 259 people being monitored by the regional health authorities in the various counties in the region, 224 are under active surveillance and 71 are in self-surveillance.