Mainland Portugal in a state of contingency as of 15 September

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Mainland Portugal will remain on alert and the Metropolitan Area of Lisbon in contingency in the next fortnight due to the Covid-19 pandemic, with the whole continent going into a state of contingency on 15 September.

“The numbers from the last day and what we know from today's numbers show an increase in the number of cases and, therefore, despite this downward trend in the region of Lisbon and Vale do Tejo and the relatively constant trend over the last fortnight, the Government considers that what should be done is to continue exactly with the same measures that existed until now in the next fortnight”, said the Minister of the Presidency, Mariana Vieira da Silva.

In the following fortnight, starting on 15 September, “the whole country will be in a state of contingency” so that the necessary measures can be defined “in each area to prepare the return to school and the return of many Portuguese to their place of work.” Added the Minister of the Presidency, who spoke at the end of the meeting of the Council of Ministers.


My children are in temporary care ages 2 and 4. If I visit them I would be obliged to tell them not to touch me , so I will not go see them in person- Until the laws for corona virus are changed. The only contact is video . Hopefully they can come home very soon. How can Portugal punish little children and deprive them of physical affection?

By Rose from Beiras on 11-09-2020 08:46

I wanted to go on vacation to Portugal for 3 weeks in September. I'm afraid I have to cancel my flights.

By Turist from Other on 04-09-2020 08:43

I am due to be in Portugal on 8th. Sept until 23rd. Sept. What does the term, " State of Contingency" mean exactly! It doesn't explain anything really!!
What is the policy regarding wearing masks, where and when, and more importantly, where and when it is not required to?
Thank you
Trevor Francis. B Eng(Hons) I Eng. RAF(Rtd)

By Trevor Francis from UK on 31-08-2020 11:38

Portugal is a mainland of what, and what "whole continent" are you referring to?

By John Carvalho from Other on 28-08-2020 04:04

Your copy & pasted and then translated via google translate news article doesn't make any sense and lacks any detail,try using real human journalists.

By Dave from Algarve on 27-08-2020 07:55
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