Making Portugal accessible for all

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Making Portugal accessible for all

Disability is a word loaded with negative connotations, however in reality there are very few people who go through their entire lives without encountering some form of personal physical or mental disability.

Whether a person has a permanent or temporary disability, it is important to make life as accessible as possible for everyone and this new feature from The Portugal News aims to examine accessibility in Portugal.
According to the United Nations: “Those who remain healthy and able-bodied all their lives are few. As far as the built-up environment is concerned, it is important that it should be barrier-free and adapted to fulfill the needs of all people equally.
As a matter of fact, the needs of the disabled coincide with the needs of the majority, and all people are at ease with them. As such, planning for the majority implies planning for people with varying abilities and disabilities.”
The Portugal News is launching Accessible Portugal with the aim of helping to improve disability access in Portugal where it is lacking and to also highlight the many success stories within the country.
We want to hear from anyone who has a story to tell.

How accessible do you find it living in or visiting Portugal? Have you experienced difficulties as a resident or visitor with the authorities, businesses or in maintaining a general good standard of life while in Portugal, or have you come across a company or entity who have demonstrated good practice?
We are here to shine a light on good practice and to help to make a positive change when negative experiences are shared.
The Accessible Portugal campaign has already been acknowledged by the renowned Portuguese sculptor and painter José de Guimarães who has kindly agreed to allow the use of one of his limited edition silk screen prints to represent Accessible Portugal. This artwork depicts a disjointed figure which suggests all the many different aspects of disability.
José de Guimarães is most well known for creating the logo for the Portuguese Tourism Board and The Portugal News is proud to have the backing of such an acclaimed artist.
Accessible Portugal is all about you and we are here to work together to raise awareness, offer support and back campaigns, with the aim of making Portugal more accessible for everyone.
If you have a story to tell, an issue to raise or information to share then please contact us today on email: access@


You probably like to go to the supermarket yourself, look around and enjoy the experience, but some supermarket chains in Portugal like Continente and Pingo Doce (I don't know if any others do that) offer the possibility to shop online (so, for example bigger items that you can't carry yourself) and have your shoppings delivered to your home at a small charge (+/- 6 euros per transportation trip). Hope that helps.

by Elisabete Ribeiro from Algarve on 01-02-2018 07:11:00

I stay near Carvoeiro for 7 weeks in the spring, and 7 weeks in the autumn every year. I have very poor mobility, and in England, rely on the free use of a mobility scooter that most of our major supermarkets supply. I shop mainly in Intermarché and Apolonia, and have enquired several times on the possibility of them providing the same service, but alas they always say it’s not possible! A great pity, as I could spend a lot more time and money - but instead I have to buy a few essentials, and leave as I can’t stand for very long periods.

by Sue Mcall from UK on 29-01-2018 07:44:00
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