Masks or visors compulsory for 10-year-olds in schools and on public transport

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The use of masks or visors by children in schools and on public transport is mandatory from the age of 10, the Government has decided

This clarification is one of the measures included in the new phase of deconfinement that began yesterday, when venues including restaurants and museums started to reopen.

During the first phase of deconfinement, which began on May 4, masks were mandatory from the age of six.

Portugal has been in a State of Calamity since May 3, after three consecutive periods in a state of emergency since March 19, and yesterday entered phase two of deconfinement.


Adam, you make me laugh! Whenever you need surgery, why don't you ask the entire surgical team to not wear masks, since they don't work anyways.
Something else you have backwards is the character of the Portuguese people. Alas, you suggest weakness, but you ignore Magellan, Henry the Navigator, the Age of Discoveries....and to topple a dictatorship by means of a Carnation strength of character! live in Portugal. At some point in time, you left behind your country of origin and chose to stay and live in a better place!

By William from Other on 21-05-2020 01:39

Maybe one day soon science will rule the day when we realize the truth that masks do nothing to stop one from getting or spreading the "virus" and that we should resist such government over reach. Alas, the Portuguese are a passive people who swallow everything their government and health authorities tell them. Remember how recent in your history you lived under a dictatorship.

By adam from Lisbon on 20-05-2020 01:14

By all means, whether it is a popular policy or not, prudence should always rule the day when it come to the protection of children.

By Marc J. Moniz from USA on 20-05-2020 04:30
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