All Wealth Management companies will spend time on explaining what they do and why you should use them. My message is simple – we are one of the longest standing Wealth Management companies in the UK/EU today. My colleagues and I have amassed many years of experience in financial services. We don’t just fly around the World to meet with clients – we establish Branches, with infrastructure that allows us to passport our experience and services into the locations where you are based – therefore complying with the strict rules and regulations set down on us by Regulators. We become a part of the expatriate community, residing and socialising - through this process gain a full and clear understanding of what is required to live and/or retire abroad.
We are one of the most comprehensive and experienced wealth management companies around and our range of holistic financial planning services covers all your needs whether you are in the UK or in any other country around the globe
Blacktower has seen great growth over recent years. Our footprint across Europe has increased and we have now moved further afield with an office in the Cayman Islands – giving us a gateway into the Caribbean, South and North American markets.
Due to our experience and reputation in the market, we work closely with many International providers – seeking the best priced and tax efficient solutions to meet your needs in this ever changing world.
So whatever your circumstances or wealth management needs – we believe we have the solutions for you.
Next step – find a location near you and register your interest!
John Westwood
Group Managing Director

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