Missing child found dead

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The Judiciary Police, through the Criminal Investigation Department of Leiria, has reported that the child who was reported missing in Peniche has been found dead, and two suspects have been arrested.

"For the development of the investigation, close coordination with the National Republican Guard and the District Civil Protection was essential, and the body of the victim has been found," said the Judicial Police (PJ) of Leiria, in a statement.

The PJ also said that they have detained two people suspected of involvement in the child's death, the father and step mother of the child.

The nine-year-old girl disappeared, in the municipality of Peniche, on Thursday morning.

Searches were made by the Leiria Territorial Command of the National Republican Guard in the parish of Atouguia da Baleia, where the girl's family resides.

The PJ is investigating the case and, according to a source from that police force, as early as 2018 the child had disappeared from another house where the family resided in the municipality, and was later found by the police forces.


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By Tom from USA on 12-05-2020 07:23

How sad this is.When will this stop.To many dying on hands of monsters,yes her parents. Sick,pathetic, no love or respect for human kind,empty souls.God help us all.May her sweet innocent souls be resting in peace,my condolences for all those that lived her.Que tristeza. Peace & love.

By Ana Franco from USA on 12-05-2020 01:20

I guess because its a fairly fresh story there are few facts here. Certainly the details remain mostly confidential to the public I would assume? Not that ANY of them matter at this point really- this beautiful little girl is safe in Jesus's arms. But one wonders, are OUR children safe from these predators? Did they have help? Was there anything to be done that could have helped her? Were there or are there siblings and if so where are they? Does the mother need help with financial arrangements, or anything else? I have to agree, this article leaves a lot unanswered. Hugs and prayers for this babygirl and her mama/family/ friends. And as far as the police go, Its hard to imagine anything but dedicated, hardworking, caring folks doing anything they could think of to find her alive. ESPECIALLY if she was taken before too. Glad they are off the street for now. They'll get what they deserve right where they are too- let there be no doubt there.I

By Katie from USA on 12-05-2020 11:58

I wish.... I just wish some cowards would even attempt to hurt one of my kids especially my daughters! Shit, I’ll even drop my address to see who wants to die first! A little blood get on my daughter it’s nothin she’ll live.. but you predators wont. So sad this little angels own father is supposed to protect her and lay his life down on the line doing so! But instead he did the opposite and murdered his baby! He deserves agony and extreme anguish as he tarnishes in that concrete hell here on earth not until death will he start his real sentence and that’s in hell burning at the hottest temps known to demons with out the blessings of turning into ash! Let him burn until time resets itself for everyone here on earth! And as the whole world changes in millions of years let that coward punk who killed his daughter continue his sentence with no finish line at the End of his race of pain! He won’t make it in prison with those charges so better off hanging himself off the highest tear in his wing of the prison and the step mom... lets hope she suffers an eternity as the devil himself laughs and laughs at the step mom like she’s a comedy movie! Forever! Rip lil mama the world is sorry and we all wish every child in this word would never be hurt or killed! No child should ever check out of this life as a kid! Not one! For no reason at all! Rip

By Johnny cash from USA on 12-05-2020 11:01

My heart goes out to this family. They are in my prayers. I would like to also state that some of these comments make me ashamed of my country. Most Euoropean countries use day, month, year. Also, the clue as to what country it is, is the name of the publication. "The Portugal Times" meaning, it's in Portugal. That is the country.

By Megan Parks from USA on 12-05-2020 09:31

I am saddened to read this. I lived in Portugal for 22 years. I clearly remember a similar case of a little girl called Johanna. She was killed by her uncle for refusing to hand over her pocket money for alcohol.
No body could be found. Rumour.has it that little Johanna was cut up.and.served to.the pigs.
Although no body could be discovered, both culprits uncle and mother were summoned to court.
They.were found guilty now serving 25.years each.
They were warned by the villagers not.to return early to.avoid further punishment.

Just want to leave you with this though. The Bible clearly.states that Jesus loves little children. Jesus said if you harm one.of.these children then tie a block around your neck and.cast yourself into the sea.
May this little.child.rest in peace, now with Jesus in.heaven. Hell is waiting for those who.took her.life.
May.God have mercy. My condolences to.her family.

By Percy Briscoe from UK on 12-05-2020 06:43

Rest In Peace Sweet Girl.
I’m so sorry that this happened to you and my heart goes out to your Mum, other family members and your friends.
To those people, like Mia, who blame the police or accusing them of lying, get all your facts before you make a statement like that. The police and community in Atouguia worked very hard to help find this little girl and it was the father’s confession that led them to find her body. Atouguia is a lovely Parish and it is a lovely town to live in. (I lived their for 3 months on holiday). Everyone is safe... in the area, and in the country! These types of crimes are exceedingly rare and are usually committed by someone known to the victim.
It’s just very sad... but do not blame anyone but the person(s) who did this.

By JS from Other on 12-05-2020 05:31

I would of gladly taken her. Why kill, just give her away. You monsters.

By AJ from Other on 12-05-2020 04:24

Precious Little Girl May You Rest In Peace And Dance with the Angels..????????????

By Alicia from USA on 12-05-2020 03:50

This is so sad and horrifying. They will pay for what they did to their own child. Why are children all over the world are being murdered? They are the most vulnerable, yet they are the most exploited. She is in Heaven now with JESUS. A whole lot more needs to be done about missing and exploited children worldwide.

By Lee Wells from USA on 12-05-2020 12:56

May Almighty God have mercy on the righteous and innocents and give us protection from devils with the help from angels always. Inshallah audubilahe minash Shaitan neerajeem. Ameen Hell awaits evildoers

By Maria Figueroa from USA on 12-05-2020 12:39

So sad poor Baby Girl ???????????????????? Madeleine McCann was never found and She went missing in Portugal 13 Years Ago its Madeleines 17th Birthday Today too someone knows something and it's about time they speak up

By Lucy from UK on 12-05-2020 12:10

RIP Princess

By Anne Henderson from UK on 11-05-2020 11:34

Fly high with the angels ur safe now no one can hurt u now god takes care of the evil Beautiful girl u RIP

By Rose from USA on 11-05-2020 08:11

I do not understand why innocent children are being a target for adults who in their right minds does this to there own kids who

By Sam from Other on 11-05-2020 07:12

I am sad to hear this news. I pray for Peace for the family. I pray she rest in peace.

By Tara from USA on 11-05-2020 06:52

My prayers for the family that's left may she rest in peace what a little angel God bless her how sad how very sad my stomach hurts and I cry for her God please give her a hug in heaven for us all miss you be at peace my stomach feels so sick such a sad World out here God bless her what a sad sick world we live in prayers for her I'm sad very sad there are no words to ease the pain it is so very sad

By Connie Sharon from USA on 11-05-2020 05:52

How horrible. She was missing before, why was she given back to the same two people who allegedly murdered her!!!????? She is with God in the best, loving place possible????????????????

By Donna macdonald from USA on 11-05-2020 04:32

As a mom and a grandmother I'll never understand how parents or step parents can harm innocent children. RIP Beautiful Baby Girl. You're in Heaven with the Angels ????

By Melissa Daniels from USA on 11-05-2020 04:28

Rest in Peace little one.

By Antonio Barreira from Other on 11-05-2020 03:15

You've earned your wings little one. Be free and fly.

By Heather from Other on 11-05-2020 03:12

I feel that is ????????????... Sad they both should be locked up for. Hurting this beautiful baby girl.. Her own father.... Disgusting and. I'm so. Upset.... He has to. Pay for this.... And the stepmother.. ????????

By JDaMarshall from USA on 11-05-2020 03:10

Another innocent child. I am overwhelmed at how many sickos walk among us. Now we have a virus to fear... I'm having a hard time seeing the good in life right now. Pam, mother of a dead child named Kelli Laine Lewis, forever 18.

By Pam L Lewis from USA on 11-05-2020 03:08

Rest in Peace you are in the Lords hands now.????????

By Daniel Berenger from USA on 11-05-2020 02:02

This is really a half assed report/story.

By Tim from UK on 11-05-2020 01:37

In Europe the day is listed first and then the month! So the date is the 10th of May, not October!

By Johanna from USA on 11-05-2020 01:00

Carlos Morales...
Look at the name of this newspaper...
The PORTUGAL News!!!
No hope for some people!!!

By Peter from Algarve on 11-05-2020 01:00

I would like to know where Mia gets her facts from, the disappearance of a child no doubt is the most awful thing that can happen to parents and it also leaves community scars, but to state that the Portuguese police beats every suspect and extracts confessions by force, and also that you are denied legal representation is a load of lies. I would like to know when was she apreended and beaten by Portuguese police?

By Atkinson from UK on 11-05-2020 12:31

Bless you little one. Fly with the angels.

By Caroline O'Kelly from Other on 11-05-2020 11:32

Rest in peace little one.

By Shane McCarrick from Other on 11-05-2020 11:19

Rip sweet angel. To readers who have questioned the date of this article Please keep in mind that in most countries outside thm USA the date format used is dd-mm-yyyy. Also regarding the location, if you read the name of the paper you'll see it was in the country of Portugal and they do name the town's both where the little girl went missing and the town where she was found. My prayers for her family, except those who hurt her. Let the truth be known.

By Connie from USA on 11-05-2020 10:51

Has any one else noticed this article is dated for October of THIS year? Now I wonder about the truth of this article

EDITORS NOTE: At The Portugal News, we use the date (day/month/year) - we are sorry if this has caused any confusion however we can assure that no news is published on an incorrect date.

By A. Anna from USA on 11-05-2020 08:53

You are giving a news about a missing child, you give name of the city, the region but still the readers don't know where is the country where this case took action.

By Carlos Morales from USA on 11-05-2020 08:23

Here we go again, arresting her parents without any lawyers, the Portuguese police will beat them to confess (even if they didn't do it) the same way they done with joana cipriano parents, madeleine mccann other example poor parents the police wanted them to sign a statement saying they killed her and they were free to go if confess wow glad they were english with good solicitors to help them, portuguese police r corrupt

By Mia from UK on 11-05-2020 08:09

What has the World come to? A precious little girl killed by people who should have been ready to protect her. Murdered by her own father and her step mom. Just unbelievable. Am sick to my stomach.

By Dennis Hardy from USA on 11-05-2020 05:08

Rest In Peace
Little Girl


By Deborah from USA on 11-05-2020 03:57

Rest In Peace
Baby Girl


By Deborah from USA on 11-05-2020 03:27
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