More than 200 vending machines for masks vandalised in Cascais

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The Cascais City Council has counted 204 vending machines for surgical masks vandalised since May, representing a loss in the order of 200,000 Euros, the local authority revealed on 21 July to the Lusa agency.

“204 dispensers were vandalised and the acts of vandalism started right after their placement, getting worse in the last three weeks”, stressed the municipality.

In May, the Cascais Town Hall (Lisbon district) installed 400 vending machines with packs of four masks for one euro.

"We are going to install 400 mask dispensers, 'vending' machines that will be spread across the entire territory of the municipality," said then the mayor, Carlos Carreiras (PSD).

According to the autarchy, this is “pure vandalism”, since the municipality has free distribution of masks for those who are in economic difficulties or unemployed.

"These are acts that embarrass us, as a community, perpetrated by criminals who weaken the fight against the pandemic that is being carried out by all people in the city, and which subtract resources from those who need them most," he said.

Facing also thefts from dispensers, the Câmara de Cascais did not want to identify the places where the most acts of vandalism are verified.

“We have a problem as a community and it is as a community that we are going to solve it. We will not launch anathema and prejudice on Cascais neighbourhoods or parishes”, he maintained

The municipality added that the municipal company Cascais Proxima - manager of the dispensers - is placing the warning “For reasons of vandalism this equipment is out of service” on damaged machines until they are replaced or repaired.


Be kind Portugal and wake up! There are people who hope to make a home in Portugal watching in horror as you fail to see the connection uncontrolled immigration and vandalism and violence tends to have. Please realize that many supposed refugees are not people looking for safety but for something very different. People actually looking for safety are more often those coming from other European countries these "refugees" have already ruined. These are people trying to look for a new home in a place where there is a lower rate of criminality. If you import criminals you send message that peaceful people are not as welcome. It's not a good way to fight lowering population or help in economic distress, it has not worked for any other country either.

By Kari Lehto from Other on 23-07-2020 10:14
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