More than 2,000 passengers refused to be tested at Lisbon airport

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More than 2,000 passengers refused to carry out the covid-19 diagnostic test on arrival at Lisbon airport, the SEF Borders and Immigration Service has revealed.

During a webinar organized by the PSP police, the deputy director of the SEF Lisbon directorate, Maria José Ribeiro, said that, until September 30, of 86,000 passengers controlled by SEF, 6,479 had not carried out the diagnostic test on arrival and 2,159 refused to have the test at the airport.


would very much like to take the test on arrival, but have not been asked, neither has my family parents have come twice to visit me my 4 kids multiple times.. absolutely no question asked

By hein from Lisbon on 11-10-2020 08:32

I flew from London Gatwick to Lisbon and when I arrived i didn't see any directions anywhere to get tested which I wanted to do so I carried on looking around and walked out so it's just a smoking mirror

By carlos alberto paulo pinha from UK on 10-10-2020 06:53

I flew from London Gatwick to Lisbon and when I arrived i didn't see any directions anywhere to get tested which I wanted to do so I carried on looking around and walked out so it's just a smoking mirror

By carlos alberto paulo pinha from UK on 10-10-2020 06:53

This website is very incomplete and I think you are a disgrace to call this "the Portugal News". Barely any up-to-date news, if there are news articles added it is lacking so much information and the info that is present; I know you copy-paste it from another (Portuguese) website. Think about it: you have the perfect website name to provide us with daily news (MORE!!!!!) IF you would dive deeper into what is going on in the country. Try for a change to be a real (digital) newspaper,instead of making sensational headlines which bring you to an useless article with many spelling- or grammar mistakes.

By Alexandra from Lisbon on 09-10-2020 08:28

If I wanted, I would call it martial law.
And testing would be done to all entering nationals or not.
But this China virus is a cleaning process for the retirement system that is already bankrupt.
All news are fake and there is no virus,
Who the hell needs Obamacare? We have the best insurance to charge a lot to the wealthy and poor will have nothing even all the system is paid by tax payers and therefore should be public... Who cares about the poor!
I'll spread this virus to Bennie on the next head to head.
To be honest NSA told me that this was made by Huawei 5G antenas and cell phones that were better quality than Apple and cheaper.
I'll cancel my support to WHO and bring the rates higher 1/3 (winter is coming)
Let's make America "great" s***

By Trump from USA on 09-10-2020 07:42

Or passangers took a test atleast 72 hours before the flight, which was required, and was negative.

By Mike Palhava from Other on 09-10-2020 04:19

Opinions are believe based and everyone has the right (or should have) to hold and express. However, laws MUST (or should) be founded on scientific basis to the best of our civic responsibility. Opinions and beliefs shouldn't therefore, override laws based on such facts.
Empowerment by speculative opinions based on dogma or politicized propaganda are corrosively damaging factors to an healty democracy. Resisting individuals in this circumstances should be allowed choices which do not overrule the primary directive reflected by the law.

By Joe from USA on 09-10-2020 01:37

I've arrived in Lisbon Airport 3 times ding the last month. I have not been met, by a 'test team' . Never been asked to take a test. I came from Africa all three times...

By Michael Juster from Lisbon on 08-10-2020 07:26

Shame more people didn't refuse.
How can you test for something that doesn't exist.

By Peter Shepherd from Lisbon on 08-10-2020 07:09

I’ve been on ship who had nurses carry out Covid test ; one don’t believe they were nurses and made people’s nose bleed then we never got results other than your ok after three day ; Netherlands completely ridiculous,

By Carlos from UK on 08-10-2020 06:05

I have arrived now twice at Lisboa airport on my way to Peniche during this September, flying in on KLM from Amsterdam, coming from Norway. I have never been requested to take a Covid 19 test let alone seen any facility to take a test. I have neither seen any SEF operatives.
Somebody is not telling the truth here.

By Raymond Beecher from Other on 08-10-2020 03:30

They were all likely Portuguese citizens, who by Law cannot be denied entry to the country.

The law does allow PT residents and citizens to take the PCR test after entering the country within 48 hours.

By Peter from Lisbon on 08-10-2020 02:34

So, they were put in 14-day compulsory confinement?

By Rich Hand from Other on 08-10-2020 01:59

the test is BS. who needs tourists? apparently portugal has gone liberal and crazy. the test will find you positive. just like its supposed to because leftists have to keep the phony numbers as high as possible.

By rod from USA on 08-10-2020 01:34

Do we know which nationalities and the reason? Surely it should have meant refusal to enter country?

By Sally Rose Pethybridge from Lisbon on 08-10-2020 12:26
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