The crime took place on 17 September, 2019, around 11pm, in a public works yard located in Roje, Vale de Cambra, in the district of Aveiro.

According to the note published on the official Porto PGD website, the accused and the victim had gone to that location to steal diesel from the machines that were there. However, the MP says that the accused had another purpose, which was to take 275 Euros from the victim, which he brought with him.

According to the investigation, the defendant took advantage of a moment when the victim was bent down to remove fuel from a backhoe to hit him on the head with a stone cube, in order to make him unconscious and then take him out the goods.

"Despite the blow, the victim reacted, which motivated the defendant to drop her to the ground, to punch her on the head and to hit her repeatedly on the head and body with a baton, killing her", says the same note.

Then, the accusation also refers, the defendant appropriated the aforementioned amount of 275 Euros, which he took out of the victim's pockets, as well as the cell phone and the motor vehicle, which also belong to this victim.

The prosecution order, dated 7 March, imputes to the accused, who is in preventive detention, the practice of a crime of qualified homicide and another of theft.

The victim's body was found the morning of the day after the crime by the shipyard workers.

“Initially we received a request for a person who had ingested diesel and who was in cardiopulmonary arrest. Upon our arrival and from GNR, we came across a person who showed signs of violence”, said Vale de Cambra Fire Commander Vítor Marques to Lusa.