Nestlé extends Nutri-Score implementation to Portugal

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Nestlé has announced that it is extending the use of the Nutri-Score nutrition labelling to its food and beverages in Portugal.

The company is now using Nutri-Score in a total of eight countries across Europe.

Nutri-Score is a colour-coded system that classifies food and drinks according to their nutritional profile. It gives a score ranging from A to E. The simple format of Nutri-Score is aimed at helping people to make intuitive food choices at a first glance


I wonder how well thought out these scores really are. It feels like nutritional suggestions are rather political nowadays and not very exact science. What goes in to the mouth and what goes in to the blood from the gut are two different things. Eat an orange and you give your gut the fabric of the orange to work on. Give your gut the nutrients of the orange, without the orange itself, and you might not get all that much out of it. You get what your gut gives you.

By Kari Lehto from Other on 14-06-2020 11:51
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