New movement aims to free dogs kept on chains

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New movement aims to free dogs kept on chains

A new movement has been formed with the objective of freeing dogs that spend their lives chained up, by working closely with the owners and providing the means to make outside spaces secure, so the animals can be released from their ties.

According to its webpage, Quebr ‘a Corrente “is the first civic movement in the country to free chained dogs, through the fencing of outdoor spaces, and always in collaboration with the owners.
“We believe that a lack of financial means is not tantamount to a lack of love from owners towards animals, and we are inspired by this principle in all our actions, through a philosophy of understanding and without judging”.
Speaking to newspaper Público, Quebr ‘a Corrente’s founder, Tânia Mesquita, explained how she was moved to start the movement late last year after seeing dogs permanently chained in her own rural neighbourhood.
A Crowdfunding platform has now been launched to help raise funds for the movement to achieve its objective of helping animals north to south of Portugal, with the collaboration of volunteer activists and partnerships all over the country, by providing fencing to securely enclose the owners’ outside spaces so the animals can be released from their chains.

Quebr ‘a Corrente also aims to raise awareness among owners by providing information on the risks of keeping a dog chained up, as well as on how to best feed, house and care for animals.
“Keeping dogs chained is unsafe for oneself and for the community”, Quebr ‘a Corrente warns, explaining: “Chained dogs suffer from emotional stress, behavioural problems and are eight times more likely to bite. It is more difficult to care for a dog that is tethered or tied up because the chains get caught on obstacles and prevent them from reaching food, water or shelter. Dogs are also more vulnerable to being attacked by others, and bitches get pregnant if they are not sterilised”.
The movement stresses that it is powered by “activists and donations”, which “allows more animals to be released.
“We need several forms of support to fulfil our mission. We need activists with or without experience to build the fences, and also fencing materials like mesh, stakes, gates and tools”.
According to Portuguese law, keeping a dog permanently chained is a violation of the law which regulates the safeguarding of animals (Decree-Law no. 276/2001 and Decree-Law no. 315/2003)”; however, Quebr ‘a Corrente says, “it is still a frequent reality in our country”.
The Portugal News contacted the movement earlier this week, but at the time of going to press had not yet received any additional comments or updates.
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I'm currently on holiday on sao miguel in the azores. We are renting a holiday home. Each neighbour has a large dog both cramped up in a little cage at the end of the garden. One of them is full of poo. They look like caged tigers, pacing around. It's so sad.

by Amanda Dalton-Jones from UK on 04-06-2019 10:19:00

There is a boxer just round the corner from us who has been on a chain for five years they have a small dog which they make a fuss of and lives indoors the children play with small dog but completely ignore chained dog. I don’t know how to help it as I don’t speak Portuguese and they don’t speak any English.

by Susan Williams from Algarve on 20-04-2019 12:42:00

Tonight I had GNR around because my dogs got over the neighbours garden so we agreed to fence in within so many hours to stop our dogs getting out.As we would never chain our dogs I asked him about the many dogs in the village that have very short chains and are never taken off and they nearly strangle themselves barking and being pulled off their feet by the heavy chains he replied saying this is ok as it makes the dogs calm and relaxed and he has never know a dog to strangle itself I replied really but they have no love and attention and no quality of life this is why we have rescued our dogs we where appalled by the reply from him

by Donna from Algarve on 25-02-2019 08:38:00
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