No ban on smoking in public yet in Portugal

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The Government is not currently considering banning smoking outdoors as enacted in Spain, but there are "many open issues" that will be monitored and analysed "in more depth", said the Minister of Health.

The Spanish Government and the country's regional authorities have approved a ban on smoking "outdoors, for example, on terraces" and whenever it is not possible to maintain a two-metre safety distance between people, a measure that is already in place in two of the 17 Spanish autonomous regions.

Asked at the regular press conference on covid-19 about whether Portugal is considering adopting this measure, the Minister of Health said that "at this moment" the government "is not considering adopting a similar measure".

"It is evident that I am not disregarding what I found to be the recommendations of my colleague, the Minister of Health of Spain, smoking is an activity that has health risks and, therefore, should be avoided in any context", said Marta Temido .

But, she added, “as we have always said in this context of uncertainty about what are the best strategies to prevent contagion, there are still many open issues, and therefore we will monitor and analyse in more depth and assess whether it will also be appropriate in our context”.

“In any case, it is clear that smoking is a risk. And therefore, the advice is to not smoke”, stressed Marta Temido.


@Rute, that's a really ignorant remark to make. Smokers are contaminating innocent bystanders, it's not for us to move out of the way! If cigarettes were invented today, they'd definitely be banned. Time will ultimately be called on this filthy practise, and the sooner the better.

By Billy Bissett from Porto on 20-08-2020 06:09

Let me make it clear, Im a non smoker but I was once a smoker. Im in South Africa. We had a cigarette ban during Covid and only from tomorrow will the smoking ban be lifted. This country makes billions from smokers and drinkers. We have a corrupt govt, like you have no idea. They imposed draconian rules without any substance. While legitimate cigarettes were prohibited, there were parallel businesses running selling cigarettes illegally, but people carried on smoking.

Taking cigarettes away from a smoker, is like taking sugar and insulin away from a diabetic. I will always support smokers because Ive been there. Smokers provide an income for any govt. Our govt lost billions due to banning of cigarettes, it also resulted in thousands of people becoming unemployed. South Africa is basically finished, due tomour corrupt govt.

My message to those complaining about smokers, if you dont like it, move, just like anything else. If you driving behind a car thats spewing out smoke, would you stay behind it? Didnt think so. Intake my hat off to the Portuguese govt for not wanting to treat people like kids. You dont like something, move. Worry more about all the dog poop all over pavements. And dont blame the dog!

By Rute from Other on 17-08-2020 07:40

It all comes down to a weak government and a lack of strong leadership. There’s absolutely no reason why banning smoking indoors (bars, restaurants) shouldn’t be implemented, it’s down to a lazy and indifferent attitude by the authorities. Fine bar/ restaurant owners for breaking the law, €1000 every time, they will soon stop.

By Raymond Lehky from Lisbon on 17-08-2020 03:17

World Health Organization.
9.5 Million people die yearly from Tobacco related - 1.5 million are non smokers passively dying.
We've collapsed the planet for Covid 19 and we've not hit a million yet!
Each to their own, but let's stop killing non smokers.
Love Steve

By Love Steve from Alentejo on 17-08-2020 02:05

Imagine what our taxes would be if the governments didn't have smokers, drinkers, and gamblers to rely on.

By William from Other on 17-08-2020 10:39

It’s a bit pointless trying to impose this rule as people - at least in Tavira - where I am - are ignoring the social distancing and many are not wearing masks. You need to check on the public.

By S from Other on 16-08-2020 09:11

I recently dowsized, sold the house moved in to my extra apartment, what a mistake, i'm in a living hell, not only the upstairs noise 12 hours a day but the constant tobacco smell entering my apartment from all over, even smoking in the pool next to newborn children, to say this country is years behind the rest of the world, well, ps, i'm Portuguese.

By Mr John from Algarve on 16-08-2020 09:02

What an idiot. You need to change this country’s attitude towards smoking being an acceptable practice....

By Joe from Other on 16-08-2020 09:00

Portugal is the most smoking country I have ever seen. Maybe also China, but I have not been to China. :)

By SS from Porto on 16-08-2020 05:21

Clearly, the health minister has no idea. US CDC statistics show that 95% of COVID deaths are people that have never smoked and a further 2% had previously quit. Kiosks will go broke very fast if smoking is banned.

By Stuart from Lisbon on 16-08-2020 03:22
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