The plan, to delimit a “Historic Zone” and encourage its “urban rehabilitation” by offering “fiscal benefits” was given the thumbs up by the council last Wednesday (11 March).
It now needs to be passed by the Municipal Assembly.
“The proposal refers to Olhão’s Historic Zone, which corresponds to the areas designated by the Municipal Land Plan (PDM) as ‘Historic Urban Space’. It is intended that this area for rehabilitation will be managed directly by the council without resorting to partnership agreements with private entities”, a statement from Olhão Town Hall explained.
Mayor Pina underpinned the importance of this project for the regeneration of economic activities in the historic area and the need to rehabilitate property while maintaining and improving the living conditions.
He further highlighted “the enormous development that has taken place in tourism and, consequently, the creation of new businesses and niche markets associated with this activity, ensuring the creation of new jobs and the maintenance of existing ones”, for which he argued it is “extremely important” to put this idea in motion.
Following his proposal both homeowners wanting to renovate their properties in the area as well as those looking to regenerate existing economic activities would be granted tax benefits for doing so.
“Being aware of the enormous development that has been seen in economic activity related to Urban Rehabilitation, and wanting to ensure the best conditions for residents and investors”, the mayor said that this measure is “intended to attract new investment to the area, more residents, boost economic activity and regulate the development of the area so as not to lose its identity and characteristics that distinguish it from other parts of our territory.”
Meanwhile, in related news, in the Eastern Algarve, Lagoa council has met with the administration of the ports of Sines and the Algarve to “find solutions for Ferragudo and its riverside area.”
The meeting took place at Ferragudo Parish Hall on Tuesday, 10 March, and saw Lagoa mayor Francisco Martins – accompanied by his cabinet – convene with José Pedro Soares, administrator of the Ports of Sines and the Algarve, and Ferragudo Parish mayor Luís Alberto.
A statement from Lagoa explained “various problematic areas that, at this moment worry local authorities, namely with regard to Ferragudo’s riverside and the announced intervention to take place along the river-mouth jetty” were discussed.
Unsightly fishermen’s shacks on Angrinha beach, parking prohibitions and safety matters relating to swollen tides were other reasons behind mayor Martins’ calling the meeting.