The Global Game Jam, which this year celebrates its 12th edition, is an event where, simultaneously and in various spaces around the world, video games are created within a two-day time limit.

The initiative is open to any type of developer, student, researcher or enthusiast, who has knowledge in game development.

It starts at the same time in several countries (5pm in Portugal) and aims to "promote the design and education of games and encourage collaboration among the gaming community".

In 2019, it brought together more than 47 thousand participants from 113 countries, which resulted in the creation of 9,010 games in a weekend.

"There are 48 hours of an intellectual challenge, based on a common theme, in which students strive to create a project", says António Paulino, professor at the Oliveira do Hospital School of Technology and Management, which is part of the Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra (IPC).

In a note released by the IPC, António Paulino stresses that Global Game Jam is an "opportunity" for participants "to develop their creative and technical skills, in terms of video game design".

In Portugal, Global Game Jam will take place simultaneously in 13 different locations, according to information available on the page