The protocol was formalised through the Huawei ICT Academy, created in 2013 to promote partnerships with university institutions in the scope of the development and training of talent in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) that would respond to the requirements of the labour market.

Currently, ICT Academy has reached a global scale, covering 72 countries on all continents, with more than 900 academies, around 1,200 certified teachers and covering more than 45,000 students per year.

Huawei ICT Academy took its first steps outside China in 2014, with the implementation of an ICT Academy in Spain, at the University of Alicante. In 2015, in collaboration with Huawei and the University of Reading, in the United Kingdom, a training and research centre was created for executives in areas related to ICT, such as big data, cloud computing and intelligence. Artificial. As a result of this partnership, the ICT Academy at the University of Reading successfully attracted more than 150 students to participate in courses with the Huawei Certified ICT Associate certification and, in 2019, was officially recognized as one of the most successful Huawei ICT Academy in the world.

Last year, Huawei and its partners jointly held 51 talent fairs around the world, attracting more than 21,000 students and providing more than 3,600 new high-quality ICT employees to the industry.