At a time when the demand for this type of tourism has been registering a significant increase, this Action Programme foresees, until the end of 2021, the creation of a smart national network of service areas for motorhomes - Life Campers -, with more and better information made available to tourists and a strengthening of the inspection and sanctioning of illegal practices.

The project is starting in Alentejo and Ribatejo, in 27 municipalities that submitted 41 applications for financial support under the Valorizar Program, for the creation or requalification of ASA in their respective territories with ERT Alentejo, which submitted an anchor application for the development of actions to publicize, raise awareness, animate, train, manage and coordinate the initiative in the region.

These 28 initial applications represent a global investment of 3 million euros and an approved financial support of 2 million euros. The objective is to extend the project to the whole country, with the opening of new lines of support for the Valorizar Program and in conjunction with the various Regional Tourism Entities.

In these service areas, that operate 24 hours a day, motorhomes find spaces for parking and overnight stays for motorhomes, which ensure the supply of electricity, as well as water supply and solid waste disposal.

In addition to the entire national territory covering, the management of these spaces will be networked, through the connection to a common electronic platform that allows their georeferencing, updated information on the services available in each ASA, monitoring of occupancy and online reservations.

At the same time, awareness-raising actions targeted to motorhome drivers are foreseen in order to share best practices of motor caravanning, and also, a reinforcement of the inspection and sanctioning of illegal situations, with collaboration protocols being established with the GNR, PSP, National Maritime Authority and Institute for the Conservation of Nature and Forests (ICNF).