PM warns second lockdown would be socially, economically unsustainable

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Portugal’s prime minister has said that the country cannot stop for a second time as it did in March and April, arguing that from a social and economic point of view it is not sustainable.

António Costa made the remarks to journalists on his way into a briefing on the Covid-19 situation in Portugal, attended by experts, politicians, business and trade union officials.


7 months into this hysteria filled fiasco and with mortality rates plummeting(0.3% latest estimate based on several studies around the world) to a level of seasonal flu (0.2% - 0.1%) and people are still worried about this Virus... people really need to get a grip on life and reality. I think I am more concerned over the riskier mass spread of the Hypochondriac syndrome... wearing masks by themselves in Cars, Jogging and riding bicycles with masks, walking their dog's alone also with masks... people still talking about hiding away in their basements until the virus is eradicated... seriously? Choose life! Protect the old and sick... everyone else back to work and school. Life needs to be lived, even with all its risks... of which this is ridiculously low for anyone under 60 who are healthy.

By E. Medeiros from Lisbon on 09-09-2020 02:32

I absolutely agree with these comments. It was a totally wrong thing to do, opening up the country to all and sundry, bad move all round.

By Carol carpenter from Algarve on 09-09-2020 12:54

Avoir voulu créer un pont aérien à tout prix avec l'Angleterre a été une erreur profonde que le Portugal va payer très cher dans le futur!

By Michel Schuermans from Algarve on 09-09-2020 08:50

I have been saying this for a long time. Our government keep introducing 'it is safe to go to Italy etc., I have kept thinking surely it is time to think 'are people, young lads & girls included' taking Covid19 to other Countries, overtime I look at packed flights, people not wearing masks I feel for these Countries. I am 2wks from reaching 78yrs & due to fly to Madeira early October but am going to cancel today as I do not want to be a 'silent carrier's of this dreadful virus or risk my health through others are not following Madeira guidelines. You are quite right my friend. Keep safe, Norma

By Mrs Norma Bridgstock from UK on 09-09-2020 08:23

I absolutely agree with Thomas Wissman. Portugal went for a quick shot of cash, but at what a price. When we saw what happened at Faro airport, that should have been a wake-up call.

By Glenis Vowles from Algarve on 09-09-2020 05:49

After implementing over the years stupid management strategies, wrong priorities, and bad economic choices, the Socialist Party and its last invention, the “geringonça” government, ask the Portuguese people to pay, once again, for the unsustainability of their country due to a weak and non-diversified economy! Meanwhile, the PM Costa and his acolytes desperately attempt the sale of his already doomed “Version 4.0 Begging Program” throughout Europe!

By Tony Fernandes from Other on 09-09-2020 02:11

Many countries cannot, but to open the country to tourism and especially visitors from high risk areas (like UK) on cheap planes with no distance was not necessarily a bright move, was it? Let's hope the price will not be too high for this...

By Thomas Wissmann from Lisbon on 08-09-2020 03:54

Good to see some words of common sense finally !

By J. Fraser from Lisbon on 08-09-2020 03:05
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