Porto rejects lockdown plan as ‘useless’

in News · 31-03-2020 10:26:00 · 7 Comments

Porto has been hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic but the biggest city in northern Portugal on Monday refused to heed official calls for the 200,000-plus population to be put under isolation and mocked a senior health chief.

Officials said cutting off Porto would be “absurd” when the COVID-19 epidemic has spread widely through communities across the region and the country.

Porto Town Hall added it no longer recognises the authority of the general health director and considers her statements a slip of the tongue due to fatigue


Good for the citizens of Porto. It's past time that there was some pushback to this nonsense.

By Dave from Other on 14-11-2020 05:55

Well... Locking healthy people in their homes is indeed an incredibly stupid reaction to Covid-19.
It makes no sense and we've seen that the WHO and other so-called experts have been remodeling their figures throughout the "epidemic".
For those who still have half a brain left and did not give in to the general psychosis it's pretty obvious that the catastrophic death rates predicted in the beginning will never occur.
Besides, sheltering a healthy individual from germs and viruses has a very negative effect on the immune system.

By Paul from Other on 29-04-2020 08:20

Sounds like Porto is run by a bunch of jock strapped old idiots. 'We already have an outbreak, so let's do noting to stop it getting worse'. This kind of provincial idiotic thinking will bury all populations that practice it.

I had dreams of moving to Portugal. It seemed like the best country in Europe. Looks like that isn't the case after all. Can't these clowns in Porto look through their own two, let alone what is going on in Spain? I thought Iberians had evolved past the pride of their failed past. Perhaps not.

By CHoco DOnut from USA on 02-04-2020 02:55

This is why the government might have to resort to a strong military presence.

By Michele Silva from Lisbon on 01-04-2020 10:07

We are moving from Barcelona to Lisbon in the coming weeks due to work. We have been isolated in this area (Barcelona) now, without fresh air as early as 15.3, without a balcony, without any outdoor activities. Of course, nowhere else than at the store or the pharmacy could go only one by one at a time. Commercial receipts (purchases over € 30 at a time), permit slip (according to Catalonia's official instructions for all commuting) and reason for being asked have been requested. Dog walkers are ordered to walk their dog within 50 meters of the door. Fines are distributed, often for no good reason. Total militarism is on its way. The authority is entitled to everything possible. Every citizen has to bend, also healthy ones, for the reason that ... ??

This militarized society protects the interests of voters. The majority of politicians' own supporters are post World War II people who are either, or in power, or eaten by those in power. The healthy benefits of paying for everything in society can be oppressed at the expense of others. This has been and will be the case. If someone in this world can deny this so free of put head in bushes.

By Juha Malinen from Other on 31-03-2020 10:07

Wow. Second guessing the medical expert, illogical decision making, and "mansplaining" all at once. I had been debating whether to buy a Golden Visa property in o Porto or Lisbon -- this made my decision much simpler.

By Naida from USA on 31-03-2020 08:53

Ostriches! When they finally take their heads out of the sand, have a look at what the rest of the World is doing (but they are all wrong of course)

By George from Porto on 31-03-2020 12:22
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