Portugal approves projects to reinforce fight against racism

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The Assembly of the Republic has approved three draft resolutions of PS, BE and MP Joacine Katar Moreira, which recommended the adoption of measures to combat racism.

The draft resolution of the PS was approved with votes in favour from almost all the benches, with the exception of Chega, who voted against, and the Liberal Initiative, which abstained.

Among the 12 recommendations presented by the PS in the resolution, it includes a deepening of “projects of policing of proximity with the youth and the communities of the peripheral neighbourhoods of the Metropolitan Areas that lead to the increase of trust between community and security forces” and a study “About the ethnic-racial origin of the Portuguese prison population”.

Socialists also call for combating “the segregation of Afro-descendant children and young people and Roma children and young people within the education system” and promoting the integration of these young people in higher education.

The PS also asks the Government to end “unworthy housing situations in Portugal by 2024” and to develop mechanisms to “prevent homeowners' refusal to rent homes to Roma and Afro-descendants”.

BE asks the executive led by António Costa for a “National Strategy to Combat Racism” that corrects inequalities, and “that is based on a national study, of a comprehensive and transversal nature, on inequalities resulting from ethnic-racial discrimination”.

The draft resolution by the non-registered deputy Joacine Katar Moreira urges the Government to develop, “as a matter of urgency, the creation of a National Anti-Racist Campaign in the media”, which is “extended to schools and universities, to public services and to the police".

This campaign would be included in the Government's support package for the media, and the deputy also called for “an anti-racist programme that supports activities and initiatives that promote the integration and empowerment of people of African descent, Roma and other ethnic minorities, as well as immigrant communities”.

Deputy André Ventura from the Chega party asked to make an oral statement about vote but the incumbent president, José Manuel Pureza, indicated that, according to the Rules of Procedure of the Assembly of the Republic, oral explanations on a vote are only allowed to parliamentary groups ", so" only deputies and non-attached deputies are only allowed written ballot declarations ”.

In a note sent to journalists at the end of the polls, the deputy justified his vote against, claiming that the proposed campaigns are “ideologically biased” and “represent the trivialisation of racism, attributing to certain entities the power to pass fines or conduct information campaigns, as if it were an irregular parking problem or excessive noise ”.

“We are creating in Portugal a ghost of structural racism that does not exist. The Portuguese are not mainly racist and most of these projects start from this wrong implicit assumption”, he added.


Am not in favour of this vote.
The opnion given by President jose is correct.
You are creating a gosth that does not exist.
The person pointed to represent this nut ideia is the worse choice ever.

By Eric Russell from Porto on 14-06-2020 12:03

Incumbent president Jose Manuel Purez, is not a Black person and so cannot accurately speak of the Black experience in Portugal. He wrongly suggests, "We are creating in Portugal a host of structural racism that does not exist".

As Black person in Portugal, I respectfully strongly beg to disagree with his argument. You are a very helpful people, but racism is the unseen but ever present elephant that I have met here.

By Colin Jenkins from Lisbon on 09-06-2020 05:51
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