Talking to The Portugal News he said: “I am leading the way in the world of popular music when it comes to songs about this topic which affects us all.”

Andrews calls himself a “naturalist” and says that it has depressed him to see so many species disappear from the UK, adding that it worries him that wildlife can vanish in Portugal too.

“I am very much aware that we cannot take animals, birds and wildflowers for granted! I worry about wildfires and all the other threats to the environment. I find plastic pollution all along the roadsides here every time I go out and I see countless cigarette butts, which contain plastic and toxins, thrown all around bus stops and train stations.

“Witnessing how bad this is, does inspire me to want to do something about it. One form of action I can take is to write and sing about what concerns me.”

The music video to his song “Where Does All the Plastic go?” from the album “Songs of Now and Then” was filmed in Portugal and created by photographer Filipe Rafael. The Album was produced by Jayce Lewis, who has worked with well known musicians like Gary Numan and Roger Taylor (best known as the drummer for the rock band “Queen”). The album is packaged in an environment friendly way and is available as a CD with an 8-page booklet including photos by Filipe Rafael and artwork by award-winning artist Sam Hayles. The Album was also made available as a digital release on bandcamp. (