Portugal given imported car tax deadline

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Portugal has one month to notify Brussels of changes to the tax regime for second-hand vehicles imported from other Member States, otherwise the matter will be referred back to the European Court of Justice (ECJ).

On 27 November, the European Commission sent a reasoned opinion, the second stage of the infringement procedure, to Portugal for taxing used cars imported from other Member States at higher rates than used cars purchased in the Portuguese market.

According to Brussels, in a statement, “Portuguese legislation currently does not take full account of the depreciation of vehicles imported from other Member States” and is therefore not compatible with EU rules.

The Commission wants Portugal to amend “discriminatory legislation on vehicle registration tax”, giving a deadline of one month for this, otherwise the matter will be brought before the ECJ again.

The ECJ had already condemned Portugal on 16 June 2016 for finding that an earlier version of this Portuguese tax was contrary to EU law.
The Commission may refer the case back to the ECJ as it considers that the amendments adopted in the meantime are insufficient to meet European standards.


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By Richard Haylock from Porto on 15-12-2020 03:32

I had a French regitered VW Passat 1.9 CDi, which needed re-registering in Portugal if I was going to sell it in Porto.

I was told it would cost €3,000! Which is €500 more than it cost me two years ago!

Guess what? I scrapped it.

By Richard Haylock from Porto on 10-08-2020 10:09

Portugal is for me a very special place and I have been here for 15 years, I love being here. but, with regards to car importation taxes it is a real rip off place.EU. Say we will fine you.. joke.
Portugal are laughing at the EU.
Look at the space we have on some of the motorways here.
It will not change..too much money involved.
Oh well I’m a car man but 9 out of 10 nice things ain’t bad.
Shame on you Portugal for robbing your own people unfairly.

By Tony coe from Porto on 15-04-2020 11:32

Portugal is a disgrace. They make laws to legally rob people, defy EU laws to enrich the lawmakers. It's a corrupt governmental system, and all lawmakers should be forced to return all illegal tax collected and be imprisoned indefinitely. They are knowingly robbing and enslaving people through their draconian tax system.

By Samantha from Other on 13-12-2019 07:44

Again the old boys club thwarting portugals progress into the real world.

By john from Porto on 01-12-2019 10:17

25 years too late, the purchasers of vehicles in Portugal have been punished to maintain dealer margins and government taxes, long overdue

By Herlander Barbosa de Sa from Algarve on 30-11-2019 03:52

Hi .just would like to say that a have a car from UK in Madeira on the garage . because they ask me in 2016 .around € 5000 for registration . I just hope this time is the end and I can register my lovely car vw Beach buggy 1971 and enjoy . Thanks .

By Antônio Freitas from UK on 29-11-2019 09:33

In 2003 I was fleeced for €11.000 to import my (then) fifteen-year-old Range Rover into Portugal. So much for free movement of goods and services between EU countries and I want a refund.

By Clive from Algarve on 29-11-2019 04:14

How can the EU allow Portugal to tax the imported cars which pollute less in detriment of having the oldest car park in the union. Not only the imported cars but double taxation on the new cars. We live in a 2 speed europe

By Eduardo from Porto on 29-11-2019 02:23
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