Portugal plastic ban from 2020

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There will be a ban on plastic bags, cutlery and trays for bread, fruit and vegetables from 2020 across the country.

Portugal’s parliament has voted unanimously to approve legislation to end the use of plastic bags and trays for bread, fruit and vegetables and the sale of disposable plastic crockery.

In the last plenary session of the current parliament, all parties voted in favour of a bill tabled by the Greens that applies to “all commercial establishments that sell bread, vegetables and fruits”.

Under the legislation, from next year it will be forbidden to make available the transparent plastic bags currently common in fruit and vegetable sections, as well as the disposable trays, “usually wrapped in plastic or expanded polystyrene”, for those products.

Deputies also unanimously adopted a bill that combines initiatives by the Greens, Left Bloc, People-Animals-Nature and Communist Party, all of which are intended to prohibit the sale or use of disposable plastic crockery and cutlery in the restaurant trade, shops and at public events.


When is the stop date? I still see plastic bags everywhere in fruit and vegetable sections in supermarkets.

By John from Other on 14-08-2020 10:29

The plastic bags for fruits and vegetables are not THE major problem, but it is at least a start.
What about all other items made out of plastic? Clothing, car parts, household and garden tools, water bottles and so on.
Which alternatives do we have for that?
As long as we humans don't act ourselves, no political decision will safe our environment.

By Sonja Kleinig from Algarve on 31-07-2019 03:13

Why do you always have to have big government Daddy making laws to do this? If it is such a wonderful idea, why don't you just do it yourselves? You do not need the government to not use plastic bags. Just stop using them and bring your own recyclable bags and your own recyclable containers. You always have to lean on the government for everything instead of just relying on yourselves. Do you know how much tax money this is costing to implement this?! It is outrageous, when this could have been done for free by the citizens.

By La from Algarve on 30-07-2019 06:07

That's is fantastic. I want them to ban balloon as well because it is plastic too!!! So proud of my country and keep up the good work!

By azoreseuropa from Other on 29-07-2019 10:16

Fantastic news. What about plastic bottles though? When will we be able to fill up our water bottles from good water sources? Im not against drinking tap water, but in some places it doesnt taste fit to drink. Restaurants, should not be allowed to sell plastic bottled water, but give filtered tap water instead.

By rose favell from Lisbon on 29-07-2019 09:49

How are you supposed to take your rubbish to the big green bins in the street , for me 500 meters from my house is the nearest one , paper bags will not work , as soon as they get any liquid from the rubbish , they will burst open .. You also need plastic bags to put food into for the freezer , containers take up to much room .

By Peter from Lisbon on 27-07-2019 09:58

Good job Parliament.

By Marc J. Moniz from USA on 27-07-2019 03:33

This is wonderful news! I have been a campaigner against plastic pollution for many years, and as a singer-songwriter have a song entitled Where Does All The Plastic Go? We need far more places to follow Portugal's example!

By Steve Andrews from Other on 26-07-2019 02:45

I think that is fantastic, let's hope that other countries follow Portugals lead.

By Stephanie Svendsen from Other on 26-07-2019 02:15
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