Portugal produces one million masks a day and starts exporting

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The Portuguese industry produces one million masks daily with the domestic market as a priority, but is starting to export, revealed the economy minister on 3 May, while buying masks in a commercial area in Lisbon.

On 3 May Pedro Siza Vieira went to buy masks available in a commercial area to demonstrate what the new reality of the Portuguese will look like, which from now onwards have the mask as a new mandatory accessory in public spaces, such as commerce and transport.

“We currently have in Portugal a mask production capacity of more than one million per day and each time we will start producing more reusable masks, that is, masks that, instead of having to be used only once and throw away, they can be washed, maintaining their protective capacity”, he said.

The minister pointed out that the national industry has mobilized a lot to increase production and this should in the "near future lower prices" of this equipment, which will also contribute to the reduction of VAT to 6 percent, already approved by the Assembly of the Republic.

"At this moment, Portuguese companies not only produce for the national market, but they are also starting to produce for export and, therefore, I am convinced that, as we have more supply, the price will become more accessible", he added, when faced with current prices.

Siza Vieira pointed out that this export already takes place "essentially to European countries and still in relatively small quantities".

“The priority for Portuguese companies obviously continues to be supplying the national market, but, as we have the capacity to produce - and as you know Portugal is a major producer of textile and clothing products -, we will start exporting, because this will be a product that, in the near future, will be very necessary in Europe, in the United States, and we cannot be dependent only on China, which was traditionally the major producer of this type of equipment”, the official stressed.

The minister also referred to the mobilization of a group of industry producers to comply with quality and safety standards and specifications defined by Infarmed, which pass the certification of the Technological Centre of the Textile and Clothing Industry.

"At the moment we already have 135 pieces of equipment already certified and companies are starting to produce," he said, stressing: "the most important thing to have these pieces of equipment available at an affordable price is to increase production as much as possible".

Siza Vieira stressed that there are many channels for distributing these materials in addition to pharmacies, such as food distribution, supermarkets and vending machines, so that these goods are available as other products for regular and common use.

“What we are trying to ensure is that, when accessing schools, teaching staff, non-teaching staff and students have access to masks provided by the State. The same thing obviously happens to those who are employees who lack this type of protective equipment in their daily activities: health personnel from the security forces, etc”, Vieira said.

The general population, on the other hand, will have more equipment, or a clothing product available in supermarkets for daily use.

Regarding alcohol-based hygiene products, the minister stressed that also producers of alcoholic beverages and various types of disinfection materials have redirected their production towards these products.

"I think that, also for that reason, we will start to see this type of products not only in abundance but also at a more accessible price".


Hello my self ahmed ali i am looking for a job in facemask packaging job please any body have or know any company please i am interested to do this job i live in lisbon amadora.

By ahmed haziq ali from Lisbon on 01-06-2020 09:07

@guida, there are also foreigners, which are participating like locals and definitely are not rich. Me and my girlfriend are such foreigners. For us there is no expat or golden visa treatments. we struggle like you and try to learn the language to at least have normality. so please don't forget about us. its not true here are only rich expats/foreigners and local portuguese. thanks!

and to be honest. in Germany it looks like its super well organized and everything is under control. trust me. its not!

By Mui from Lisbon on 06-05-2020 04:20

As usual, Portuguese gvrt treats tourists/rich ex-pats like their children while locals bear the brunt of the worst circumstances(we´re the”lesser” children, with all the responsabilities, none of the rights). This covid-19 wasn´t brought about by ppl who struggle to pay their monthly basics(food,rent,transport) let alone even dream of catching a plane to go on holiday abroad.
Reading world news, by February it was clear to me that tourists and ppl travelling by plane coming here were+important than public health, as no one was being medically checked upon arrival for temperatures or other health stats. And now, I would have thought that since Portugal is producing its own masks, it would offer them for free to citizens. But no. Instead, it´s the ppl who can´t afford to travel abroad(the ones who can barely afford monthly basics even while working) who owe rent(for complying with lockdown), pay transport and still have to pay for 1-2 masks a day(as they´re said to only last 5-6hours, at nearly 2euros each). If not, they risk a minimum 120euro fine. There are the beloved children(golden visas, rich ex-pats, tourists) and the lesser children (locals who were struggling bf covid-19, that now have new debts and extra expenses). There´s a limit to how much b.s. ppl can take. Or at least, there ought to be.

By guida from Lisbon on 06-05-2020 10:27

I'm interested in buying these musk in large quantities for export .

By Mervin Naidoo from Lisbon on 05-05-2020 10:16

Good morning, were can I find a supplier of the s . My son in Belgium wants to cooperate.
Linda Kumos

By Linda Kumps from Algarve on 05-05-2020 09:56

These masks should be given freely to all households as it is compulsory to wear them. Not sold for profit or with merely a reduced tax rate. People are struggling enough as it is due to all the restrictions without having to pay for these.

By Hazel from Beiras on 05-05-2020 09:18

Portugal is a Small country,but very smart and we already did show. Good work Portuguese people. In

By Antonio Inacio from Other on 05-05-2020 07:45

I would like to purchase masks made in PT to support Portugal economy as I am a Portuguese living in the US. Where can I buy?

By Marie from USA on 05-05-2020 04:53

Sell these in us not from China I was born in Portugal I would be proud to purchase products from portugal

By Arminda esteves radzwillas from USA on 05-05-2020 04:32

If they are made in Portugal then why do the boxes say made in china

By Maria Tavares from USA on 05-05-2020 01:39

The masks are still too expensive for most people in the country , especially as several will have to be used per day , the government should limit prices and profits

By Paul R from Lisbon on 04-05-2020 11:02

Pedro Siza to Vieira and others. First, you come up with regulations and laws with fines, for some non-existent reason. No access to shops, etc. without a mask. During the one night notice period. You create more “circus tricks” for your citizens every day than any normal person can handle. You then justify your decisions on the basis of "widespread". All figures are, for example, a few per cent compared to Sweden. Nations are the same size. In Sweden, only by chance, nothing was closed. The end result is exactly the same.

The virus kills the elderly and the terminally ill, the elderly, the overweight, the disregard for their general condition, the upbringing of the welfare state. This is a fact.

One question. Is it already the case that the vast majority of all citizens are overweight, terminally ill and at self-risk, and all have to pay for it?

By Jussi from Lisbon on 04-05-2020 08:40
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