Portugal ranks mid-way on table of EU minimum wages

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Portugal has ranked mid-way on a table of 21 EU counties that pay a minimum wage.

The minimum wage is imposed in 21 of the 27 countries of the European Union. But the figures very significantly between the different Member States, ranging from almost 2,142 euros in Luxembourg to around 312 euros in Bulgaria.

In Portugal the minimum wage - currently 635 euros - is paid 14 times a year; dividing the annual amount by 12, to allow comparison, Portugal has a minimum wage of 740 euros and 83 cents, ranking it about middle of the table in European terms.


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By Vishnu from Other on 19-09-2020 11:20

I found funny with this wages and I get surprised how people are surviving in Portugal when one single room need pay at least 300 to 350 food 200, transporte 40 ,little hand cash buying clothes and others from where money will come from .This wages never be a any standard of living .life is difficult to meet the basic need at least that's the reality in Portugal

By Johan from Lisbon on 18-09-2020 11:56

Eu estou a que in Portugal a pouco tempo mais a minha mulher eu só ganho 635 por mês. Esteve in Londres 23 anos meu ornado éra 1950 euros ou mais lempos.. Portugal é uma país que tae ornado mãis baixo da uniao europeia.... Espanha França ect país tais ornado mais alto que Portugal... E uma vergonha....

By Rogerio Silva from Porto on 18-09-2020 07:54

Definitely should go up too at least 750 per month. I was working in Portugal in 2000 and I was earning the equivalent of 600 euros

By Pedro Matias from UK on 18-09-2020 03:46

Great news, At any cost Portugal Government should be increased monthly salary from 635 Euros to 740 Euros plus....! Otherwise in comparison with living expenses here in Portugal people are really struggling, fighting to survive......

By Petfoodi from Lisbon on 17-09-2020 04:39
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