Portugal registers highest number of new daily Covid cases since April 20

in News · 09-09-2020 16:55:00 · 1 Comments

Portugal has registered the highest number of new daily Covid-19 cases since April 20. Compared to yesterday (Tuesday), the number of new cases has more than doubled.

Today’s figures indicate 646 new cases and three deaths in the past 24 hours.

The Directorate-General for Health has justified this rise with a greater circulation of people in the country, with the majority of contagions occurring among the younger population and among families.


We normally have around 3.000 flu deaths, yearly. I wonder how many we have this year and why there is no testing for this? But then, why would I wonder about this; I trust our government, MSM tells the truth and the pharmaceutical industry is only concerned about our health. Stay scared comrades, fear is a virtue; together we can change our society beyond recognition (Australia, China and New-Zeland are showing us the way).

By Pedro from Lisbon on 10-09-2020 09:51
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