Portugal 'regrets' Brexit vote, despite democratic decision

By TPN/Lusa, in News · 24-06-2016 22:42:00 · 2 Comments

The Portuguese minister of planning and infrastructure, Pedro Marques, lamented on Friday, the UK’s decision to leave the European Union (EU), but said it was a democratic act by the citizens.

“It is a decision we obviously regret. Not the fact that the people voted democratically, because that is normal and healthy in a democracy”, he said.

“We are European supporters and we want Europe to continue to expand and continue to be a space of cohesion and peace”, he said.

The minister also sent a message to the Portuguese communities, particularly the one in the UK: “The government will do everything so the living conditions of these people is ensured and that they have all the support they need at this time”.

British voters decided that the UK should leave the EU, after the Leave campaign won 51.9% of the votes in Thursday’s referendum, which had a 72.2% participation rate.


am sorry to hear what happened to Mr Roberts. I have been in the UK since I was 10 and am 56 I love the UK as much as I love Portugal. I could not vote and the future is uncertain as you hear so much that you just not sure about. I had never had racist remarks but now I feel very uncomfortable even in the presence of British friends. Its so very sad. I hope you do get your Residency renewed.

By maria from UK on 27-06-2016 06:53

I had my first negative response after the Brexit vote when I went to the SEF office to renew my Residency.
The official said" You have voted to leave the EU (I didn't I voted Remain)" She added " I am not sure if I can renew your Residency".
I am sure I will overcome that objection as we have been residents for 5 years. But it does bring home the truth that my daughter will probably not be able follow our example and retire here, when the time comes for her.
We love our life here and hope it continues, without fear of being thrown out.

By Trevor Roberts from Algarve on 25-06-2016 01:16
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