Portugal will welcome young Moroccans who landed in the Algarve

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Portugal will welcome the group of young Moroccans who landed on a beach in the Algarve, under the international protection framework applied to other cases of rescued foreigners in the Mediterranean, the Aliens and Borders Service announced today ( SEF).

"Under the international protection framework applied to other cases of foreigners rescued in the Mediterranean, Portugal will welcome the eight young people who, on Wednesday, landed on a beach in the Algarve, after they had requested this protection status at dawn," an announcement from SEF said.

According to the organisation, the group, made up of young people aged between 16 and 26, and of Moroccan nationality, stayed overnight in Vila Real de Santo António and will still be transferred to Lisbon, to the Portuguese Refugee Centre.

The young men, all boys, were intercepted "hidden in the dunes" of Monte Gordo beach after an alert from the public. The young men were said to appear to “not require special care" and said only that they were hungry.

According to the source, the youths claim that they come from the town of El Jadida, in Morocco, and spent five days at sea until they landed on that beach in the district of Faro.


Now be ready try to accept more and more and then in the near future trouble too. As this is part and parcel of the game ls they play in the name of Refuge.

By Errol D' Sá from UK on 12-12-2019 08:11

Once the door is open it will never be possible to close it again! It appears that the Portuguese Government hasn't learned anything with the Greece and Italy refugee's experiences?

By Tony Fernandes from Other on 12-12-2019 07:19
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