Portugal's unemployed numbers jump 36%

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The number of people registered as unemployed in Portugal jumped 36% in September from a year ago, with the Algarve region suffering the hardest blow as the coronavirus wiped out thousands of seasonal jobs.

The total of those officially without a job rose to around 410,000 people, meaning more than 100,000 jobs have been lost across the nation since September 2019. In the Algarve, the number of registered jobless spiked 157% from a year ago.


If you read this brief news properly, you'll spot the magic words: seasonal jobs. They go when tourists leave and harvests have been picked.

By Annie from Algarve on 22-10-2020 02:08

Portugal have so many nepales and Indian Ajency but every Ajency is very bad and chitter not given good salary no have good room one room 6/8 people in saide the rooms, didn’t give salary even didn’t do anything portugal government no have worker rules it’s its.

By Gb from Lisbon on 22-10-2020 01:57

Pedro, Peter, Laurent... wake up! Not everything is a conspiracy theory. People are getting sick, more now than ever before. Doctors are stretched out to a maximum. Hospitals are near capacity. Science is your best friend right now if you are confused.

By a normal person from Lisbon on 21-10-2020 11:44

And yes thank goodness that word has now spread that the algarve is no longer campervan friendly.
As an example..The arie’ in Lagos that used to have €1000pn worth of dinners in spending money this time last year is shut.
Other (more accomodating)parts of Portugal are very happy with the algarves decision.
Perhaps the endglav should just secede and join with Gibraltar and leave a little piece of bigotry and completely miss guided arrogance on main land Europe whist their country tears itself apart.

By Luc from Other on 21-10-2020 11:10

I’m looking for new housekeeping room attendant

By Sonu pal from Other on 21-10-2020 07:48

If we keep up scaring people through media and unproven measures, we might even get that number higher! Weak people protect yourselves if scared, all the other ones back to life and work!

By Laurent from Algarve on 21-10-2020 01:48

To many people believe what they are told.unfortunate for those who have lost their jobs.
Will have to survive on social welfare payments and those who still have a job can look forward to tax increases to cover the costs.

By Peter Shepherd from Lisbon on 21-10-2020 01:42

Stay scared, wear your mask and install the corona app. Let's destroy society as we know it; yes we can.

By Pedro from Lisbon on 21-10-2020 10:41
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