Chega party opposes another lockdown

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The leader of the Portuguese party Chega has said that Portugal cannot be subjected to another covid-19 lockdown.

Andre Ventura stated that the economy could not handle it “if we shut down the country, our economy will die and unemployment rates will rise considerably. We must speak out against this because Portugal deserves more than this”.

The regional elections will be taking place on 25 October which is why the leader held a rally at Angra do Heroism in the Açores. Here he spoke to his electorates about the upcoming elections and his opposition over another lockdown.

He admitted that he agrees with the restrictive measures that are now in place and that the Portuguese people should respect this decision as not to worsen the situation.

The leader of Chega criticised the cuts being made due to the pandemic and that the government is not doing enough to support different industries that are all being heavily affected. He compares the money being given to support these workers as “breadcrumbs”. In relation to Açores, the leader of Chega affirmed that “there is not going to be any more money” which is needed to build a new prison, that was needed a long time ago”. He is also running for prime minister and strongly stated that he is not here to be a “runner up”.


Seriously? As someone who just escaped the hellscape of the United States, everyone angry, filled with hate and fear, cruel to each other, suspicious of each other, dying by thousands for their determination to have no lockdown and wear no masks. Do not go that route with this angry, fearmongering group.

By Susan Lahey from Porto on 03-11-2020 07:58

Yeah vote for chega if you want to be a far right racist country, i won't be.

By Brad from Other on 22-10-2020 11:48

I tended to vote for left wing parties but witnessing how useless, politically correct and corrupt they truly are, I’ll start voting for Chega. I had enough of their lies and deceitfulness! I do not want to live in a Marxist dictatorship society!
Covid 19 does exist but it is not as bad as they are making it up to be, look how well Sweden is doing without shutting down their economy. We should follow the same example and not overreact.

By Anna from Madeira on 22-10-2020 11:30

No to lockdown

By Deborah guy from Lisbon on 21-10-2020 08:34

Very good. Chega is the only party that I would vote for. In most countries these major decisions are made even without involving the parliament (not even speaking of the people).
Stop the restrictions altogether and focus on treating those that get ill (from whatever - not only C19). People are dying because of the fight against C19.

By John Dough from Lisbon on 21-10-2020 09:29

Why is this a leading story? It's a party with exactly one parliament member! Don't give xenophobia a platform.

By Nael Alqassis from Lisbon on 20-10-2020 11:42

Nobody wants another lockdown! Apart from highlighting a need for a new prison, Mr Ventura does not seem to have much arsenal to challenge central government. Is he only riding on the right-wing nationalism that is currently holding the west to ransom?

By Annie from Algarve on 20-10-2020 08:25

finally a party with a brain - he is correct with the restrictions and he is correct with not putting the country in lock down-

By stuart smith from Algarve on 20-10-2020 07:46

Should be a clear and easy decision then. Vote Chega to avoid lockdown 2.0

Irish didn't have the opportunity to vote against their renewed 6-week purgatory.

By Paula from Algarve on 20-10-2020 04:57
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