A source from the FEPONS board indicated to Lusa news agency that, at the moment, there is an increased concern regarding drowning on the beaches and recommends that people do not approach the water, especially because "the waves and currents are strong".

The same source indicated that, despite the great concern at national level with the spread of Covid-19, “the main focus of FEPONS continues to be drowning”, because “if people do not understand the need for social isolation and go to beaches, there is a greater risk of drowning ”.

However, FEPONS has guaranteed that it is collaborating with national health entities and advises against going to the beach to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus and “an increased risk of drowning”.

The federation stressed that "now there will be no reinforcement of lifeguards because the bathing season only starts on May 15", arguing that the bathing season concept "must end" because "there must be surveillance on the beaches throughout the year".

FEPONS also pointed out that the competence to assign lifeguards to the beaches “must definitely pass to the municipalities”.