Portuguese MPs seek Brexit clarification

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Portuguese MPs seek Brexit clarification

A delegation of Portuguese MPs who travelled to London in search of clarity regarding the Brexit process found only uncertainty and confusion, Socialist MP Sérgio Sousa Pinto told Lusa.

The chairman of the Parliamentary Foreign Affairs and Portuguese Communities Commission said that the purpose of the visit was to “get information about the current state of affairs”.

However, after the meetings with members of the House of Commons and the House of Lords, he concluded that they were very confused and were going through a lot of uncertainty.

Sérgio Sousa Pinto told Lusa that the answers they got were very unsatisfactory because of the uncertainty. “Parliament is practically closed and the MPs are mainly absorbed in questions of the Tory party leadership and the name of the next prime minister”.

The only conviction they heard from the British MPs from all sides, including Brexit supporters, was the desire that the interests of the Portuguese community in the UK were not called into question.

Brexit had been scheduled for 29 March but the exit agreement that had been negotiated by the British government and Brussels was rejected by parliament three times, forcing it to be pushed back to 31 October.

Tiago Corais and Carla Barreto, local councillors in Oxford and Thetford, respectively, warned of the risk of the Portuguese losing the right to vote and be elected in local elections.


I agree with Steven's comments.
I am Italian living in England with 2 half English adult children and a few grandchildren. The atmosphere here has become poisonous for us continentals ever since the 2016 referendum. I would seriously think of going back to Italy after all these years, if it weren't for the fact that my immediate family lives and works here in GB. Now the Tories are planning to elect that lying clown Boris Johnson as PM, and most likely leave the EU without a deal. Their hate and/or dislike of the EU have made them mad, not caring a fig about the economic consequences that would follow such a decision, negatively affecting us citizens.
If Scotland should eventually gain independence and rejoin the EU, I would cheer the Scots up with a 'well done, mates!'

by cristina from UK on 15-06-2019 01:06:00

The most Honest account of British politics.

I am a British expat living in Portugal under the title of estrangeiro - and not a lover of Nationalism. But here we are, still, segregating ourselves under its shadow.
Saddened, Ashamed and Disgusted.

The firm favorite to continue Theresa May's "selfish" work is Boris Johnson - a man who publically cheated on his wife at least three times! What makes people think his morals have changed?

Back to Portugal.
I walked the Portugues Camino this year and met many beautiful people - in Portugal and Spain. Tucked away on a mountain village a young Portuguese Baker explained his view - "We are All People of the World".
Here is the fundamental difference between Britain and Europe - Europe wants to share the Planet and Britain wants to Own It!

Love Stephen, thoroughly Ashamed.

by Time Alone from Alentejo on 15-06-2019 07:31:00
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