Portuguese situation for tourists "dynamic"

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The Assistant Secretary of State and Health said on 29 June that the Government is in contact with the countries where tourists come from so that the epidemiological situation of covid-19 in Portugal is seen as “dynamic” and under ongoing evaluation.

Questioned by journalists about the possibility of Portugal not being included in the list of countries considered safe for tourists, namely by the British Government, Jamila Madeira stated that the Government has been working so that the “observation” of the Portuguese reality “is seen as it is, dynamic”.

After a visit to the Hospital and University Centre of the Algarve (CHUA), regarding the acquisition of 30 new ventilators, the official said that "it is up to the authorities and all Portuguese" to behave in a way that "allows the diplomatic and health authorities" to demonstrate with numbers to other states the reality and the “confidence that they can also pass on to their citizens”.

Jamila Madeira guaranteed that, in diplomatic and health terms, “every day an effort is made to demonstrate, explain and propose any adjustments” that need to be made to “guarantee the safety of any citizen who comes from another country, because they are welcomed here, as well as the Portuguese”.

The British Government is evaluating the creation of "travel corridors" with a number of destinations so that the British can go on vacation without having to comply with the 14-day quarantine on their return to the UK currently in effect.

On Friday, 26 June, Portuguese Home Affairs Minister Eduardo Cabrita said that "there is no reason" for quarantining upon return to the UK, but he did not want to anticipate the British Government's announcement about the air corridor with Portugal.

Portugal is one of the countries that has expressed interest in negotiating an "air corridor" with the United Kingdom to be able to receive British tourists, who represented almost 20 percent of the total in 2019.

Regarding the appointment of a new board of directors for CHUA, whose term ended in December 2019, Jamila Madeira forwarded the announcement to its publication in Diário da República, in a “decision that is up to the Minister of Health”.



By Alayode olalekan sheriff from Other on 01-07-2020 12:12

For potential tourists you should check the Covid19 report on Portugal news on line. It gives a comprehensive detail of the situation in Portugal from the 1st January and actually breaks down to each area. The North initially was the worst affected but now that is superseded by the Lisbon area. The Algarve where most tourists go has only had a total of 15deaths and 617 cases of the virus up to 29th June. Hope that helps ( Portugal resident from UK)

By R.Firth from Other on 30-06-2020 01:55

Lately, the number of infections in Portugal has increased as we know. Curiously they started to rise shortly after Portugal opened its borders. On the first day that TAP airlines did at Newark NJ airport after flying again, the flight was simply full without any empty seats ...! The city of Newarkem JJ as the WORLD knows was a city of great RED alert due to the fact that it is severely contaminated (until today), my question would be: Doesn't Portugal, when receiving a thousand people daily, listen to someone carrying the virus? is it only related to the group of young people who are in Portugal? When TAP's planes arrive in Portugal from NY or NJ, do people become quarantine ? I don't know if Portugal, when opening its doors to the world at a critical time, thought about the health of the citizens or the financial part for the country.

Fátinha Soares

By Fátinha Soares from USA on 30-06-2020 01:43

I have a home in Portugal and 1 in England. I am retired and during the virus have stayed in the Algarve because I thought it was safer for me, as the case has proven.In England I live in sheltered accommodation, when I return, which I need to, do I need to self isolate, I live on my own

By Stephen Robson from UK on 30-06-2020 01:29

I have a holiday booked for August is there any chance I'm gunna be able to fly to faro or will the holiday be cancelled due to the air corridor Spain Germany is well worse numbers than Portugal for cases of covid but yet they have the corridor it's not normal

By Jeff Bonney from UK on 30-06-2020 07:52

The problem for Portugal is that there is no good reason for going on holidaythis year, not even to Portugal. The virus might be predictable, but recent history has taught us that governments are not. You will never know whether you can come back and you won't know what awaits you. Plus this year the weather in northern Europe is actually very nice.

By John Dough from Lisbon on 30-06-2020 07:48

I am from Bangladesh. I have won import business. I have multiple schengenstater visa. My wyfe now live in portugal next month she will get 1st recedent card. My flight have 12 july from bangladesh to Lisbon ( turkes airline). Now i need your openion that can i will come to my business tripe?

By Md Sofiul Allom from Other on 30-06-2020 05:05
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