According to a statement released by the Portuguese Company of Águas Livres (EPAL), between the 10 March “and the month of June, traffic will be conditioned in the Second Circular, in the section between the German School and Estrada da Luz”, towards Aeroporto / Benfica, “with the narrowing of the road”, due to “improvements in the water supply network”.
The note adds that during the same period access to the Second Circular through Rua Filipe Duarte will be interrupted. Alternative routes should be made through Avenida Ventura Terra, Rua Professor Barbosa Sueiro, Rua Hermano Neves, Rua Professor Francisco Gentil, Rua Professor Vieira de Almeida, Rua Professor Fernando da Fonseca and Avenida Padre Cruz.
“The changes in circulation and the respective traffic diversions will be properly coordinated on the spot by the police authorities”, explains the EPAL statement.