Ryanair starts flying daily between Porto and London on 22 May

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anair added the route between Porto and London (Stansted) to its reduced network of scheduled flights, with this service running from 22 May with a daily service, the Irish company announced on 8 May.

In addition to this new connection, in Portugal Ryanair is currently flying between Lisbon and the cities of London (Stansted) and Dublin.

In a statement, Ryanair says that “more than 99 percent” of its planes will be on the ground over the next few weeks, due to flight bans or other restrictions imposed by “most European Union countries”, but says it is “working with EU governments to try to keep some minimal air connections open for emergency reasons, despite passenger occupancy being very low on these flights”.

Ensuring that it will comply with the established restrictions “at all times”, Ryanair adds that the company's reduced flight schedule has been extended until 28 May and says it hopes that the company's scheduled flights can be reactivated in July.

"We support the measures taken by the governments of the European Union to combat the virus, and we hope that a coordinated plan will be implemented to lift travel restrictions as soon as Europe is ready to fly again and the covid-19 situation is under control, which we hope will be as early as possible. Until then, we will take care of ourselves, others, our families and our communities", he says.


I just wish SEF could get back to work - the backlog of residency cases must be pure chaos - I have had my application pending for 6 months, have no way of travelling back to either of my former countries, Brazil and Australia and remain in eternal limbo.

By Mac from Algarve on 10-05-2020 11:26

Although there might be aircraft flying certain routes, it's not necessarily for passengers as a primary function - the cargo hold is also very vaulable and with cargo prices comparitively high at the moment, that could be why Ryanair are restarting the route. The UK FCO advice for British Citizens will still be to not travel abroad, and they won't fly the plane with no revenue.

By plunet from Other on 10-05-2020 05:05

That's right keep the virus going, show us how brainless you are, what makes me mad is that my suggestion on how to stop the virus in 4-6 weeks as been totally ignored by governments news agencies including this one. It is though they are all conspiring to kill off as many folks as possible.

By KARL BLORE from Algarve on 09-05-2020 08:54

I'd like Portugal to continue to open up the economy but keep the borders closed to non-essential travel. Especially anyone coming from UK, US, Spain, Italy and Brazil. It's nothing personal, but the Portuguese have done so well in the face of tragedy and largely without complaining..why undo the progress?

By Elle Thompson from Porto on 09-05-2020 08:01

Wonder how this will work with the new air traveler quarantine rules due to come into force for the UK at the end of the month? Seems more like Portugal should be quarantining people coming FROM the UK given their current situation. I would certainly be more concerned about importing cases here than sending them to the UK.

By Stuart from Algarve on 09-05-2020 09:22

This means that we can fly to Porto even for tourism?

By Alin from Other on 08-05-2020 05:54
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