César Nogueira, president of APG / GNR, explained today to the Lusa news agency that the General Directorate of Health (DGS) will draw up a list that will be available to everyone in order to control all those who do not comply with the state of emergency.

“Whoever comes from abroad, for example, is approached by the police and has to be quarantined. The person is identified and notified of the behaviour he has to comply with, but if he breaks the mandatory isolation and is found on the street, we have to act, ”he said.

This list of people is provided by the DGS, but also by the PSP, GNR and Foreigners and Borders Services (SEF), the forces that are on the ground to monitor compliance with the state of emergency measures stipulated to combat the pandemic by the new coronavirus.

According to César Nogueira, the measures implemented by the Government have a “strong pedagogical aspect” and so far “the vast majority of people are complying”.

It is up to the security forces to inspect people who are in “compulsory confinement” in hospitals or homes, namely patients with covid-19 or who are under active surveillance.

If someone violates the rules determined by the decree-law, he is accused of the crime of disobedience, whose penal frame is one year in jail.

Portugal is in a state of emergency and among the approved measures is the “mandatory isolation” for patients with covid-19 or who are under active surveillance.