Seven arrests in Portugal for disobedience during the state of emergency

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Seven people were arrested yesterday by security forces for the crime of disobedience under the state of emergency, said the Minister of Internal Administration, Eduardo Cabrita.

"There were seven arrests for finding facts that constitute a crime of disobedience," announced the minister, in a press conference after the first meeting of the State of Emergency Monitoring Structure.

One of the arrests "was a particularly serious case of violation of the duty of confinement", while the remaining six cases "were due to situations of non-compliance with the instructions of the security forces regarding behaviour or in situations of circulation or practice non admissible gatherings ", said Eduardo Cabrita.

Asked how information on people in mandatory quarantine, including those infected with the new coronavirus or risk groups, will be articulated, the minister explained that "local health authorities will come into contact with the forces and security at the local level. , giving an indication of where there are people subject to a duty of confinement ".


I don’t know about state of emergency in Porugal. Could anyone can please explain the law during the state of emergency and how long it will take. Thank you so much

By Mohammed Uddin from Lisbon on 24-03-2020 02:24

Yes Mrs Payne,
That’s basically it, only outside for necessities. Food , water, meds ..etc

By Don from Other on 23-03-2020 08:10

that's fine, groceries, walking the dog, etc is OK. gathering in a park and drinking wine isn't ;)

By phil from Lisbon on 23-03-2020 07:52

Yes, at the moment you are allowed to go out for your shopping if you're over 70.... and to the pharmacy.

By marco from Lisbon on 23-03-2020 07:36

Hi Margaret,Hope is useful

By Kim from UK on 23-03-2020 07:35

Hi,I don't go out except for shopping keep my distance from people wash my hands ect,am I allowed out in my car alone just
For recreation if not what are the restrictions for driving,Thank you in advance

By Frank Frost from Algarve on 23-03-2020 07:24

@Margaret: Summary: Supermarkets, pharmacy, hospital/medical visits are okay. Walking pets or solo exercise walks okay too. Lots of other rules related to business operations (restaurants, bars etc.) but shouldn't affect you.

By Jack Daniels from Lisbon on 23-03-2020 06:42

Please could anyone explain the law to me about the state of emergency here in Portugal as I don’t fully understand it ,I am 70 years old and retired here in Portugal ,we don’t go out only to get our shopping in , is that it ? Are we ok doing that regards Mrs Payne

By Margaret Payne from Algarve on 23-03-2020 04:41
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