We all struggle from time to time. Life is complicated, no matter who you are. But one thing’s for sure - it helps to talk about it. It’s no good keeping everything bottled up.

It’s like something Stephen Fry said once ‘How can I tell you what I think until I’ve heard what I have to say?’. It’s very true. After all, we humans organise our minds with conversation. It stops our thoughts swirling round and round in our heads, and allows us to put some order to them, get precise, get some advice, and indeed, like Stephen said - find out what we really think.

The best way to do this is to talk to people you love and trust, but failing that another thing that helps is writing. If you write down your issues it allows you to see them for what they are, and in many cases, cut them down to size and see more clearly how they might be solved.

However, sometimes you may have something on your mind that you don’t feel like you can talk to anybody about it, and at the same time just writing it down doesn’t cut it and you could really use some external guidance. This is why The Portugal News is launching its new ‘Sharing is Caring’ section.

This should be the best of both worlds. It will allow you to both write down your problems - but also get some sage advice on how to solve them.

It also has the added bonus that if anybody else out there is suffering from a similar issue - they can see that they are not alone, and you never know, the advice might end up helping them as well.

So, if you have something to get off your chest then please help us get this section started by writing in to info@theportugalnews.com . We will of course keep all your questions anonymous and we will run them by our resident advisors. We have two, Frank and Beatrix. We are going to respect their privacy as well. But we can tell you that Frank, who is now retired, had a profession where he was always called on for discreet advice and a kind ear. He has a wealth of life experience that he would like to continue to put to good use. Beatrix is a lot younger, but it’s fair to say that she is wise beyond her years. She loves to write and wants to share what she’s learned about prevailing in the face of adversity - to help other people.

Frank and Beatrix should be a fantastic combo as they will be able to provide advice from different ends of the age spectrum. They are both keen to use their combined wisdom to help you! If you are looking for somebody kind and wise to give you their honest opinion then - together they will, well… ‘Be Frank’ with you.