Six municipalities in the Algarve receive support for animals

in Algarve · 01-11-2020 20:00:00 · 2 Comments

Financial incentives for the construction and modernisation of official pet collection centres will reach six municipalities in the Algarve representing an investment of €183,536 Euros, announced the Algarve Regional Coordination and Development Commission (CCDR).

Monchique, São Brás de Alportel, Tavira, Albufeira, Lagos and Portimão are the six municipalities in the Algarve that will receive funds to improve the conditions of the official kennels, after seeing their applications analyzed by CCDR / Algarve, according to Lusa News Agency.

“Improving animal welfare, under the programme of granting financial incentives for the construction and modernisation of the official collection centres for pets”, is the goal of the investment, according to the press release sent to Lsusa.

CCDR / Algarve also stressed that, in the Monchique, Portimão, São Brás de Alportel and Tavira centres, “spaces for sterilization” of pets will also be created.

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Many farms seem to keep dogs for security (maybe?). I was attacked outside the farm by their dog whilst cycling. Another 71 year old received a deep gash by the same dog also cycling, then went back to their own country for treatment. Portuguese law states dogs must be trained and also kept inside the property boundary, but the GNR do nothing in these instances. It's just another dog call out for them. In my country, repeat attacks by the same dog mean it is put down. So I guess there is something about Portuguese dog and pet culture that we tourists don't seem to understand. I'll be cycling with a sharp pointed stick I'm afraid.

By Tourist Silves from Other on 22-11-2020 10:59

That is very good but my heart breaks for the very THIN horses all alone standing on a field with dry '...yeah... what?... and when you go to the GNR, ask for a visit of them with the veterinarian, they say yes but do nothing. when you start feeding the in this case horse, you get angry glares of the owner. I really don't know anymore... Same happened to me with the care for a donkey, that one was on a long rope... in the end it finally is adopted by a nice lady with another donkey as I heard,so that is one animal happy... Why is there no more control about the life conditions of an animal. Cars are underneath a roof against the heat of the sun... what about the living being? An Animal? I know it is not only in Portugal, it is in every country, but that is no excuse. It is high time to educate, start at the schools, go to the animals who are all alone, go to their owners and tell them you just want to help.... still dogs on chains, still numerous cats everywhere even though there are help plans to sterilize them. It never seems to stop... I hear the same barks every morning of at least 2 dogs in the neighborhood who would like to get inside their? house... There has to come more awareness... we are confronted with very heavy times with those lockdown mania and NO I will NOT react on any attack on me that I say this. I knów I am right,I investigated more than I like to know even, go and educate urself, it is still possible...

By Theodora van Arensbergen from Algarve on 02-11-2020 06:07
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