Portugal reimposes partial lockdown in most of the country

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The government has announced new lockdown restrictions from November 4 for most of the country, telling people to stay at home except for outings for work, school or shopping, and ordering companies to switch to remote working.

A day after daily coronavirus infections hit a record high, Prime Minister Antonio Costa said the measures would cover 121 municipalities, including the key regions of Lisbon and Porto.

The affected areas are home to about 70 percent of Portugal’s population of roughly 10 million.


Bravo Henrique, Covid 19 is a Bioweapon. I follow all the news the good and the bad news, I warn the people around me. This is just the beginning. They dont listing, they do not care and its not in my house and people wearly dont give a …… about all whats happening in the world. I am not Portugese but I cant believe that they do not care. Lack of interest, what the goverment says is only good for us and go-on and on. Think about UN Agenda 2030, New World Order. Lockdowns are absolute against the law, goverment make a new one. Looks that the whole world is manipulated all ready, with the vaccinations incluide chip, mercury, aluminium and so-on. Nobody notice there are no people with the fly. All the figures are include other diseases is covid 19 deads. If you dont take the vaccin, then you dont get a pasport covid free. In Holland 85000 nurses and doctors dont get the vaccine. Doctors, scientist look at acu2020.org are in protest. Even I say that to people they dont look. I hope that people get awake. If you dont want to check stay a robot or be awake……...

By Martina from Alentejo on 04-11-2020 11:42

Mijntje is far too polite
These f****** in Lisbon have no idea what to do
what they are doing ain't working
bu they are either so inept or embarrassed to say
or they're all in receipt of the financially induced, alimentary tract inserted, solid gold, corporate elbow with KY promised tomorrow
Anyone know how to start a rolling newsletter? with registerable ID (so when it gets hijacked by the black forces it can be reset)?

By lescrooge from UK on 03-11-2020 09:32

this is not the covid virus
this is the conspiracy virus
even electronic local rags epapers won't print the facts
We are truly f*****
until someone had the balls to to start a covid conspiracy corner
in which the lurid, the lucid and the downright loony can have their say
It's up to the readers to form their own ideas
but right now the whole thing smells of global manipulation

By lescrooge from UK on 03-11-2020 09:21

Henrique Mota - my thoughts exactly!

By Barry from Other on 03-11-2020 05:11

Would it be possible to list the 121 municipalities concerned, even better to show them on a map, and to explain a bit more about the restrictions?

By Mijntje Notermans from Alentejo on 02-11-2020 09:15

Costa to stop a virus single handedly ,,,,,,sure,,,,why not calming the Atlantik , too ?

By Matt from Lisbon on 02-11-2020 04:40

The time has come for humanity to wake up and ask some serious questions to all that is happening in our lives.
Inaccurate PCR Tests giving false positives for COVID.
Authoritarian measures to restrict the freedom of movement.
Draconian fear based measures forcing us to live lives seen only under the days of communism (Think Romania under Ceausescu.)
Dictatorial imposition of regulations on commercial businesses in their ability to open as normal (Think our own Portugal under Salazar.)
The time is close to expiring for all whom focus solely on what is fed to them on mainstream news of death rates from the virus itself. (Has anyone realised THINGS DON'T ADD UP 2+2⧣5 when it is a fact that majority of deaths are of the elderly with underlying health conditions to start off with and global death rates have not gone up in the last 3 years.)
Now is the time to ASK, ASK, ASK......What on earth is ACTUALLY happening that is being withheld from our knowledge.
Why from one year to the next are our freedoms taken away from us ?
What is the true agenda being imposed on us ?
Now is the time to Wake Up Collectively to seek the TRUTH before the ghost of Salazar will all but surely haunt us rampant as an ACTUAL WAY OF LIFE FOR GOOD.

By Henrique Mota from Lisbon on 02-11-2020 03:59
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