Aqua Pura solar pool covers are easy to operate and an energy-efficient option to raise the temperature of your swimming pool water as well as saving money by reducing evaporation which in turn lowers chemical consumption.

Aqua Pura manufactures the AQP500 solar pool cover locally in their warehouse located in Santa Barbara de Nexe. The AQP500 cover creates a barrier between the surface of the water and the sun. This barrier contains little pockets of air that harness and convert the heat and energy of the sun to heat your pool water at no additional cost. An AQP500 solar cover is the least expensive way to cover and heat your pool.

The covers from Aqua Pura allow for one person to easily operate the cover and the sturdy one piece roller won’t warp like telescopic ones. Prior to the fabrication of a cover, an Aqua Pura technician will carry out an on-site visit to the property to verify all of the necessary measurements.

Aqua Pura uses the finest GeoBubble material available which is treated with UV-protection as well as a chemical attack resistant layer made exclusively for the Algarve region. This material prevents up to 98 percent of evaporation, maximising the effectiveness of the solar bubble cover.

Place your order for an AQP500 Pool Cover and receive a 10 percent discount until the end of 2019. Call 918143491or email