Spain to open borders to EU, but Portugal remains off limits

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Spain will open its borders to countries in the European Union’s Schengen area next Sunday, but Portugal will remain off limits.

The news was revealed by El Pais newspaper, which said free movement to Portugal will only be allowed starting 1 July.

Madrid had previously said it would allow foreign tourists to enter Spain on July 1 without self-quarantining, apart from the Balearic Islands which starts receiving tourists today as part of a test program.


Absolutely the correct measures put in place by the Portuguese Government to delay the reopening of the border with Spain. To protect it’s citizens and residents and promote social responsibility has to come before reigniting the economy at this crucial time. Tourism must take a back seat until the right time - peoples’ holidays can wait.

By Julie Baines from Lisbon on 22-06-2020 10:21

To answer the questions about foreign cars.. they have been there all the time. Trust me, tourists are NOT getting over the land border, I have been waiting for three months to be able to WALK over so to say tourists are driving is wrong. They have been there since before lockdown.

By Mj Ebdell from Other on 17-06-2020 05:56

Will it possible to drive my car from Lagos through Spain to Bilbao at the end of July to get my car back to Ireland having left it there. (Lagos) at end of March

By John Bailey from UK on 17-06-2020 10:21

Anyone in Portugal to tell me if I can fly from Italy to Portugal on July?

By Jim from Other on 16-06-2020 11:33

I just saw a Swiss registered Jeep today in Coimbra. So yeah, thing things do seem to be going back to normal.

By Ahmad Shumayal from Other on 16-06-2020 10:29

E complicado depender do Turismo e conciliar a Saude com a parte Financeira quando ha riscos eminentes e focos que sabemos irão surgir assim que for liberada a venda de bebidas alcoólicas, na area da Figueira a primeira fase foi vista como um grito de Independencia , mas com caução, cuidado , imfelizmente esta semana talvez 10% estavam a usar mascaras na Avenida e Candido Reis a vizinhança do Cassino...muitas Caravanas e traillers da Inglaterra , NE , D , França ja por todo lado , uma festa ...e os donos de estabelecimentos agora veem se no DILEMA de evitar atender o cliente que não respeita a regra ou perder o cliente para o vizinho que la tem um funcionário so para faturar e esta aqui a trabalhar sem familia ou laços familiares, sem mãe ou avó para se preocupar em expandir a epidemia...

By Toni , bairro novo from Beiras on 16-06-2020 10:13

To answer the question above: a) Spain allows transit. b) There is no travel restriction between Netherland, France, Germany, Switzerland and Portugal.

By John Dough from Lisbon on 16-06-2020 08:37

Portugal is also one of the few countries from which one cannot fly to e.g. Vienna, Austria without going into a quarantine. Maybe Portugal didn't do something as good as they said.

By John Dough from Lisbon on 16-06-2020 08:32

They are right.. If I was a português polítician I'd would do the same..

By Julia Prex from UK on 16-06-2020 08:23

The decision to keep the borders closed to Spanish is a Portuguese one. Its blatent discrimination and nothing to do with the virus. Awful situation, and contemptable petty decision making by Portuguese government. All Spanish people should be outraged.

By Chris from Lisbon on 15-06-2020 06:18

Португалия, не хочет проявить солидарность и открыться с Испанией 22.06. Это их право. Они имеют довольно хорошую картину по итогам пандемии, и не хотят, чтобы испанцы в особенности заполонили их прекрасные курорты. Тем более, что Испания даже не предложила им совместное обсуждение вопроса открытия... Португалия показывает независимое решение вопроса своей границы.

By Irina from Algarve on 15-06-2020 04:56

I believe that Portugal asked for the opening of the border with Spain be delayed until 1st July.

By Jim Wyllie from Algarve on 15-06-2020 04:19

Given that the borders have been closed for weeks, why am I seeing plenty of Dutch, French and Swiss registered cars in the Algarve? Not against any of these folks, but it suggests the border is not as sealed as it is meant to be.

By Brian Paul Shanahan from Algarve on 15-06-2020 02:48

I do not understand that Portugal who needs tourists is accepting this decision from Spain to have its border open only on july 1st, when Spain open on June 21 to get all the visotors first.
It is very bad for the hotels and other related business of Portugal, the people in the business should strongly protest this attitude from Spain. And request a revised date.

By Bastin Patrick from Lisbon on 15-06-2020 12:00
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