TAP letting down customers

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Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, airline carrier TAP Air Portugal have cancelled thousands of flights since March, which caused many customers to either be stranded in foreign countries, see their holiday plans go down the drain or even have their luggage lost for several months.

Many customers have reported that they struggle to get in contact with TAP Air Portugal in order to get a refund for their cancelled flights, or even just get their belongings back. Some of those customers have been in contact with The Portugal News. “I have been in Brazil for the past ten weeks, despite being due to fly back to London on 31 March” says Jonathan Schroder, a customer that had to get in contact with the Portuguese Air Authority “following more than seven weeks of fruitless contact with the TAP Air Portugal customer contact centre and refunds team.”
“Luckily I do have somewhere to stay and, at the moment, it is not possible to fly back from (...) where I currently am. However, this is beside the point. TAP should have provided a refund or voucher weeks ago and are refusing to do so. Not just for me but for hundreds of other customers” adds Jonathan Schroder, who has observed that he is not the only one with this struggle after visiting TAP Air Portugal’s Twitter page and a facebook group called “TAP Air Portugal – UNSATISFIED CUSTOMERS”.
José Arocho has found himself in a similar situation, when on 17 March, he, his wife and their children were left stranded in Spain. “We had to incur over $520 [€462.38] on a last minute, one-way rental car, drive over 5 hours, and cross the border into Portugal so that we could make it back home here in the U.S. because TAP cancelled our flight and failed to notify us.”
After three months, many phone calls, emails and wasted efforts to get in contact with the airline, José and his family are still waiting for a refund. “When they do respond, they just ask for our ticket numbers and flight information that I have already provided them several times. After I give them the information again, I don’t hear back from them.”
“Also, they have removed all records of our cancelled flight from their website, so when I log in, it says that we haven’t taken any flights in the last 12 months. Fortunately, I have the screenshots that I took before they deleted this information” says Jose Arocho, calling his experience with TAP an “ordeal” and a “nightmare”.
Margot Jill Wright and her family booked their first ever family trip to Europe, and chose Portugal because of its “beautiful scenery, good food, and the opportunity to relax after a very difficult couple of years.” In August of 2018, Margot lost her 27-year-old son and used the money that was left to her to book a trip “to celebrate, and to have time together to refresh and remember our son in a happy way.”
As the pandemic began to unfold, it became apparent that the family trip, booked with TAP Air Portugal, was going to be cancelled. “Thankfully, I had put our travel plans in an app CheckMyTrip – that was how I received notification that the flights were cancelled.”
Since early May, Margot has contacted TAP through Twitter and Facebook, “the responses have been vague, directed me to a page to request a refund that turns out to be a voucher, told me to contact my travel agent, and lately that my information has been routed to the ‘correct department’...but there will be a delay due to high volume of processing. I feel that I am no closer to getting my money, nearly $6000 [€5.339,52], back than I was nearly six weeks ago.”
The experience with TAP Air Portugal has made Margot and her family “hesitant to consider any future visit to Portugal” calling it “disappointing and disheartening”. Though TAP exceeded the refund period, on 20 June, 7 weeks after cancellation, Margot was refunded.
Another unsatisfied customer is Madison Olson, who flew with TAP into Paris from Miami on 16 March, but upon arrival was told that TAP had misplaced her baggage. “I immediately filed a claim and they said they would deliver it to my address in the South of France in a couple of days” says Madison.
But also her efforts to get into contact with the airline were unsuccessful and after calling every day, sending emails, facebook messages and instagram messages for more than three months, her luggage has still not been returned to her. “I spent the entire quarantine with minimal clothing because nothing was open. Also, I cannot file my taxes or finish other paperwork because it is all in the bag. They do not answer the phone or blatantly hang up on me. The last person I was able to talk to told me that now it has been so long that it is not their problem anymore.”
Michael Mazzaschi, who also contacted The Portugal News, had experienced a situation similar to that of many others, when his TAP Air Portugal flights were cancelled and instead of a refund, only a voucher was offered. After two months though, he did receive a refund and then decided to help others who have found themselves in the same predicament.
“We wrote up how to do it in an article [https://www.apathtolunch.com/2020/05/get-refund-for-cancelled-flight-ticket.html] on our website as we learned lots. I kept the article generic in order to help the most people, but the enemy throughout is TAP” says Michael in an email.
The Portugal News has contacted TAP Air Portugal for a comment but has not received a response.


Maybe we should get together and file a class action suit against TAP

By Agostinho silva from USA on 25-07-2021 01:14

I have been trying to get a $3150 deposit refunded from TAP Airlines. I have called, emailed, facebook messenger and tweeted TAP. You can not call them because they don't answer. I have tried using phone numbers in both the US and Portugal . They will answer about 25% of the social media that I post but always the same message, the refund is coming. I sent via bank wire a $3150 deposit on 63 seats for a flight in November 2020 from EWR to LIS. They would not allow a credit card and insisted on a bank wire. If I had used a credit card I am sure I would have received a refund of my deposit . I sent the bank transfer in April of 2020, 6 weeks later the flight was cancelled. I was never informed by TAP. I saw on their website that the flight was cancelled. I immediately started trying to get my deposit refunded. As you probably know once a bank transfer is done the bank can not do anything to get your money refunded. I sent a message to Amanda Klingle [amanda.klingle@dot.gov] on February 19, 2021 and received no response. I resent the email several times but still no response. I had filed a complaint on January 4, 2021. I read that if a flight does originate from the US that you may file a complaint with the DOT, U.S. Department of Transportation Office of Aviation Consumer Protection. TAP Airlines is not complying with the law. I am sure that you have received thousands of complaints against TAP. My group reservation number was PKL6R5. I received a refund number - ROR420045616701. About 3 months later I received a message from TAP that my case was closed. They are thieves and liars!

By Mary Lide from USA on 19-07-2021 02:06

Confusing 24hrs Refund Policy (NO MONEY BACK)
BE CAREFUL BEFORE BOOKING A FLIGHT WITH THEM !!!!! AND Be Aware Of Their Confusing 24hrs Refund Policy...

The other week we booked a trip from SFO to Lisbon on TAP Air Portugal. Due to COVID travel Restrictions, we decided to cancel the reservation within 24hrs. After not receiving the refund on our CC, we called the airline to confirm the status. TAP confirmed that the reservation was indeed canceled within the 24hrs, but that we would not receive a full refund on the credit card, since the ticket was issued as nonrefundable.
Not Recommended !!!

According to the TAP agent, customers must request a refund separately to the cancellation within 24hrs (the cancellation only does not make you eligible for any form of refund). TAP Air Portugal offered no such distinction. Check out their policy https://www.flytap.com/en-us/booking-information/changes-and-cancellations , the language is rather confusing (and a trap for any customer) According to the US Department of Transportation, "It ... considers the failure to offer a passenger a full refund in the original form of payment in the event of a cancellation request covered by the 24-hour reservation requirement to be an unfair and deceptive practice."...."the Enforcement Office considers it to be a violation of 14 CFR 259.5(b)(4) and an unfair and deceptive practice for a carrier not to offer consumers the option of receiving a full refund in the original form of payment before the cancellation request is submitted. Carriers may offer other refund options, such as, for example, carrier-issued credits, but such offer should not be pre-selected as the default choice of refund form or appear as the more

By Luke from USA on 12-07-2021 10:34

I have been trying to get a refund since 9/1/2020. It is very frustrating. Every time I talk with someone they ask me questions about the flight and when I started this refund process. I just want my money back. Enough is Enough.

By Fernando Santos from USA on 05-07-2021 08:35

I have also been waiting for a refund. It has been six months. I paid extra for a refundable ticket, and it said on the ticket that I could get a refund. Unfortunately, because my mother was sick, I had to cancel the ticket, and I bought another one on TAP a week later. So, they aren't losing money on me, considering the second ticket was $200 more.
I've been waiting for over six months now, and calling is a waste of time. They sometimes give me some lame excuse about the conditions, etc., but no explanation of when I get my money.
If you pay almost double for a ticket, then you expect the service for which you paid. In this case, a refund, and not over six months later.

By Ken from Other on 26-06-2021 04:09

We had to cancel our flight to Lisbon because of the Covid-19 pandemics aggravation. They refuse to refund us for our tickets and gave us vouchers for the taxes only. It's unbelievable the authorities allow them to keep taxes as vouchers. TAP will NEVER EVER see us as clients again. This is fraud. They are keeping peoples money benefiting from a pandemic. SHAME on you TAP. Will make a complaint at Canadian Government flight authorities.

By Lucie Pinault from Other on 25-06-2021 04:48

I went to Lisbon Airport because I couldn't get through by phone to claim a refund. The TAP service desk at the airport was closed and airport security staff "didn't know" where TAP's head office is.

TAP needs a lesson in customer service.

By nicolas schwabach from Lisbon on 21-06-2021 04:16

I guess I am another customer among many others which are waiting for TAP refunds.
Really shame.. a Mismanaged company

By Anelise Borrelli from UK on 14-06-2021 05:46

Never received any refund for my cancelled May 2020 TAP flight. Calling the Call Centre was useless, on hold for hours. Email replies (when I actually got one) just kept asking me to wait. Ended up disputing the charge with my credit card company and got the money back that way. I'll never book with TAP again.

By PaulM from Other on 02-06-2021 04:25

I see I am not the only one with a problem. I bought Club Platinum and then .....crickets! No receipt, no email, no miles, no status change. So I called them - well, er, tried to call them. Gave up after an hour on hold. Called the next day, got through after 30 minutes, they said they would look into it, don't hangup, waited another 25 minutes on hold, disconnected. Waited a couple days. Called again, on hold 25 minutes, then talked to an agent, said she would investigate, put on hold for 25 minutes then disconnected. I am going to call my bank and get a chargeback. I will NEVER use this airline again. Shoddy customer service and fraudulent charges.

By Brian from Other on 31-05-2021 05:54

I feel quite agravated that my emails are not being answered. So Tap Portugal which is part owned by the Portuguese government are laughing their heads off at not refunding customers. I hope their economy takes a massive nosedive in the tourism sector.

By The Sniper from UK on 14-05-2021 02:08

Two tickets to Cape Town from Manchester booked eight weeks ago - one mysteriously cancelled six weeks later and money refunded less £8 for the air miles - customer services said that the computer did it but now I must pay an extra £73.10 for a new ticket - wonder what will happen when I try to cancel the existing ticket? Will I be charged the E200 cancellation? I think that I'll go straight to my credit card company - How do they get away with this?

By John Bosson from UK on 09-05-2021 12:07

Dont wait for voucher, dont expect money from TAP. Ask your bank for chargeback. In my case it was the successful way to get refund.

By Me from Other on 20-04-2021 09:38

I have been waiting for my vouchers for 35 days. TAP canceled my flights twice and without any notice or reasoning. When I called them requesting confirmation of cancelation they hung up on me. Later they stopped responding to my posts on their social media profiles and even to my claims made on their official website. They promised to issue the vouchers within 30 days of my request. None of that happened. This airline is a joke.

By Jozef from Other on 28-03-2021 01:08

TAP owes me $928 USD.. I requested a refund in May of 2020 (10 months ago) and still have not yet received it. I've called many times now (only connecting with an agent a few times) and each time they say it is still processing or waiting to be reviewed.. even after 10 long months... Glad I'm not alone but sad to see so many of us being victims to their poor customer service.

They clearly care more about money than their customers. However, they don't seem to make the connection that they won't get money if they are not loyal to their customers!

By Kyle from USA on 01-03-2021 04:10

Onley just recive my refund arvter one year when finaly tap payd back love holidays how I book with and just gat my muney back for my conical flit from one year ago but it was a big relief to finally gat it back arvter one year ago

By Kathleen Juwara from UK on 25-02-2021 06:14

Same issues! They cancelled our flights to Rome that my fiancé (now husband) and I booked at the time to go to our best friend's wedding. Once Covid hit, they postponed and TAP cancelled our flights before I could even react to the news. That was June. I called again to inquire about the refund we were told we would get in November, they said that they were having so many refunds that it takes about 3 months. I stated it has clearly been that and I still did not have the refund. They said give it 3 more months. I called again In January. Was disconnected constantly. I have called them between November and now (Feb 2021) a total of 15 times. Each time I get the same run around- they cannot tell me more information, here are the reference numbers I can see where my refund is at online- by the way this tells you nothing, it just updated today and told me "Your refund request is under review and will be dealt with within the time indicated initially 8-11-2020" (that's not the date i have gotten from the few people i have spoken with by the way, and to give it more time. I have no idea how much time I need to give to these people but it is almost $2,000 that I am paying a monthly fee on trying to work my credit up! I do not see them resolving this issue and it is beyond discouraging. They didn't even offer us vouchers!

By Chelsea B from USA on 17-02-2021 06:49

I have been waiting since September (5 months) for my refunds for flights they cancelled. My brother in law has been waiting since July (7 months). How can they be allowed to do this? We have chased about 20 times between us. Most times we are on hold and the phone cuts out after 90 minutes (yes, 90!). I have got through twice and both times been told I am priority and will receive them - still no refund. It is disgusting.

By Sarah Newsome from UK on 12-02-2021 10:29

Because of COVID, I had to cancel our flight from Miami to Barcelona (layover in Portugal. I have repeatedly called, filed a complaint online with TAP, and now have filed a complaint with the US Dept. of Transportation all to no avail!

By Florence Yannaci from USA on 24-01-2021 07:58

I booked a flight on August 10 for arounf 2500$ and cancelled within 24h of the booking. On the phone I was told that I would receive a cash refund back onto the card within some weeks. The next time I called I was told it could be upt to 90 days, now it´s been almost 5 month, many frustrating phone calls and unanswered emails. Is there anyone in the same situation who was successful with getting a cash refund and can share how?

By Maria Sophia from USA on 04-01-2021 05:43

TAP owes me $1550 CAD for cancelled flights from Montreal, Canada to Casablanca through Lisbon. My partner and I submitted and resubmitted refund requests through their web portal, we called and sent Facebook messages. Despite TAP Air twice confirming that our request was accepted and approved, I have not received a refund. It's now been 3 months since their last confirmation (5 months since our original request) and still nothing!

By Alenka Bullen from Other on 04-01-2021 04:08

I guess misery loves company! TAP owes me almost $3000 USD. While they admit they owe me this money they refuse to refund it to me so far. There were two itineraries I had booked, both of which were cancelled by TAP. R/T San Francisco to Prague. And Heathrow to San Francisco one-way. I requested a refund on 6/7/2020 and was told the money would go back to my card within 30 days. When that did not happen, I called and they said I must now wait 90 days. 90 days came and went and still no refund. As of 12/3/2020 I still have no refund. When I call, they acknowledge that they owe the money and they tell me that my refunds are approved and I should see the money any day. But I never get refunded. I call often and they've been saying this for each time I call, for the last several months.

By George Fitz from USA on 03-12-2020 07:10

I travel a lot and am a Gold Member at Star Alliance, and TAP has been one of my favourite airlines, until now. I have lost 900 euros because they cancelled flights. They said they would email me vouchers, but the vouchers never arrived and for nine months I have been trying to get some answer from their customer service. When I email them, they reply that I should phone them. When I phone them, they say I should email them. And when I explain that I have done this several times, I’m told that they will look into the case and get back to me. They never do. It’s absurd. I don’t have time to spend days and hours on TAP, so I realise that the money is lost. I hate TAP now. Will never travel with them again.

By Christopher Aqurette from Other on 03-12-2020 07:33

I am one of the thousands of customers that TAP has ignored. I hope that there will be a legal action by IATA or any other entity against TAP and the unqualified management. I was able to talk to someone in their corporate office in Lison, and this lady which was very kind felt so sorry that her top managers were not taking any action because apparently there is no money left and they do not want to pay anybody. I think the problem is not only TAP management but also the support from their Government that is completely absent.
I am still waiting a few thousand dollars refund or credit for an unused business class ticket from Miami due to COVID Cancellation.
thank you.

By Luca Meneghini from USA on 01-12-2020 03:29

I as well asked for a rebate to use at a later date from TAP because of Covid restrictions/ flight was for mid October 2020. Only got 1/2 of rebate approximately $700 out of the $1400 . I spent. Big hassle to even get that. Will use the credit to fly over next year with but will use a different airline to return. First time using and will never use again. Travelers beware!

By Arthur verrill from USA on 16-11-2020 08:43

It has been almost 5 months and there is no sign of my refund. I requested a refund on 6/26/20 after my October flights were cancelled. I was told it would take 3-3.5 months to get the actual money back. I called again on 10/6/20 and was told the file was closed on 10/2/20 and the refund approved for release of funds. I called again on 11/6/20 and got the same story and was told to call every week until I received my money. I called 11/13/20 and was forwarded to the Complaints department who said they could not help me and provided an email address for the Refunds department. This situation is utterly ridiculous. It would be nice to have the cash back for Christmas to share with my family during what will be a stressful holiday season in the US.

By Sharon Brommer from USA on 13-11-2020 01:33

This post and all the comments make me happy. I'm glad I'm not alone!

I'm actually looking for two refunds. Within 24 hours I cancelled my first booking departing from the USA. I'm entitled to a full cash refund under the USA's Federal Aviation Administration. I filed an online complaint with the FAA. I don't anticipate hearing back from them.

The second refund sounds like many other readers. TAP cancelled my flight in the midst of the pandemic. I finally managed to get a representative on the phone who promised a full refund. That was 5 months ago and the refund is still elusive.

Perhaps I'll seek legal action through my employer's group legal plan, but it may not be worth the time or energy. (Of course our passivism is what incentivizes all of these airlines to continue this behavior.)

This was my first experience with the country of Portugal. Like the many others who commented to this story, the airline ruined my first impression. I'm not mature enough to give the country a second chance. The world is a big place, and life is short!

By Brad Fulton from USA on 11-11-2020 05:16

This post and all the comments make me happy. I'm glad I'm not alone!

I'm actually looking for two refunds. Within 24 hours I cancelled my first booking departing from the USA. I'm entitled to a full cash refund under the USA's Federal Aviation Administration. I filed an online complaint with the FAA. I don't anticipate hearing back from them.

The second refund sounds like many other readers. TAP cancelled my flight in the midst of the pandemic. I finally managed to get a representative on the phone who promised a full refund. That was 5 months ago and the refund is still elusive.

Perhaps I'll seek legal action through my employer's group legal plan, but it may not be worth the time or energy. (Of course our passivism is what incentivizes all of these airlines to continue this behavior.)

This was my first experience with the country of Portugal. Like the many others who commented to this story, the airline ruined my first impression. I'm not mature enough to give the country a second chance. The world is a big place, and life is short!

By Brad from USA on 11-11-2020 05:15

TAP uses BAIT AND SWITCH tactics. OFFER GREAT FLIGHTS GREAT PRICES for you to book. then cancel or delay the flight. I had a flight from Montreal to london (via Lisbon) with TAP. they changed the flight, to teh point that I was going to miss my flight in London. I cancelled and requested a refund as they had changed the flight. As all other comments, MONTHS have gone by...no reply, no refund.....STAY AWAY...and sadly, this BAIT AND SWICTH is being used ny MANY MANY AIRLINES, to fund their company. They cancel the flight, offer voucher or no refunds...

By Mario Jacques from Other on 10-11-2020 05:37

Our flight from Lisbon to Wienna on 23rd December 2019 got delayed to 24th. Tap claim to cover extra hotel cost was approved by TAP end of February 2020 sayin we will receive money in next couple of days. To date I havent received anything to my bank account I provided. I tried to write 20 emails. Tried call many times but no success... Can someone advise where to write who to call? Thank you!

By Tibor from Other on 09-11-2020 04:52

I have been waiting 7 months for a refund for flights cancelled due to COVID. TAP has never responded to my emails and it gets harder and harder to get in touch with them over the phone. While I only need 1 refund, customer service has now given me 3 case #'s, telling me 'more case numbers should help make your case more noticeable' and that I am owed a refund, but they cannot write that in an email or tell when it will be processed. On the phone they have no escalation process, managers, or refund department you can speak with. I am dumbfounded. This is a national carrier run by a former McKinsey Partner. Maybe I should contact McKinsey, at a minimum I can ask them to vacate him from their directory.

By MAK from USA on 01-11-2020 05:00

I've been promised 3 dates my refund would be issued and still nothing. Previously, if I sat on hold for 1 hour, I could get ahold of a representative. Now it appears TAP has stopped answering the phone. This is unethical and almost criminal.

By John Percival from USA on 26-10-2020 12:00

Our TAP flight was cancelled on March 13th leaving us stranded and paying thousands with another airline, to get home to Canada. Seven months and dozens of emails and phone calls later - I have not yet received a refund. I booked our TAP flight through GOTOGATE and am told that TAP is not responding to the agents request for refund. This kind of customer service is disgusting.

By Rebecca Chambers from Other on 25-10-2020 04:48

We bought 2 tickets from Manchester to Sao Paulo in Brazil, in Abril, Tap cancelled the flight due to covid 19, we accept an offer of a voucher that it doesn not worked so I have asked for another one, but since Abril 2020 I have received no answer , still waiting, have spoke with a nice customer service worker from Tap but still nothing, he said that I had to contact refunds tap, I did but no answer is so frustate as I am partially blind and I cannot keep doing this, they have no respect for their customers, never again I will use them, just want my money back and will go to a lawyer to see if I can get my money back. Shame on TAP

By Lucienne Harrison Roberts from UK on 17-10-2020 03:14

I have been trying since April 2020 to get a refund on a cancelled flight on Tap Air - Miami to London via Lisbon. This is October now and every time I call i get the same answer - your refund has already been processed. Well if my refund has already been processed then where is my money? I have even gotten my bank involved and its the same crap they keep telling them. I will never ever use Tap air again. The management of that airline are nothing but fraudsters and criminals. The Government of Portugal should be ashamed to be associated with such a company. It speaks volumes about their character. Tap air I want my hard earned money back now.

By Jasmine from USA on 16-10-2020 06:31

My flight to Rome from San Francisco, scheduled for June 7th, was canceled on May 25th due to Covid pandemic. I called TAP and refused their multiple attempts to take the voucher instead. No refund was received, obviously. I filed a complaint with Department of Transportation on 9/3 after reading an article on Forbes. I called again at the end of September and "opened" case #2 with TAP. No result as of today. I am super frustrated. I too purchased a business class fare so I am owed a couple of thousands of dollars. I am dumbfounded at this point.

By Jennie from USA on 14-10-2020 04:04

website doesn't recognize the ROR numbers provided by TAP. How do I check the status??? Nobody is answering emails, Facebook messages, or other contact attempts. Are they FRAUD?????

By Mike from Other on 12-10-2020 04:16

Finally, good news! My $3000 refund showed up on my credit card several days ago, after 6 long months. (See my original complaint 15-09-2020.) Still don't think I'll be flying TAP in the future.....

By Michael Caplan from USA on 07-10-2020 12:50

I am trying to get my money back since mid June. 60 days turned to be 90, after 90 days they asked for some more time, but I don't believe it will happen soon.

By Yvgeny from Other on 02-10-2020 02:34

I’ve been chasing a refund promised last June but am constantly given the run around. TAP has no consideration for the plight of its customers. This only serves to bring discredit to the airline and the country as its main shareholder. Does anyone care?

By Jacqueline McCabe from UK on 26-09-2020 03:55

I have been trying since March 2020 to get a refund on refundable TAP Business Class tickets, a trip originally planned for June 2020. We are owed over $3000 (USD). We were told our refund was finally approved on May 28. After multiple contacts with the Call Center, multiple complaints on the TAP website, and multiple emails to TAP's refunds department, our money has still not been credited back to our credit card! Today is September 15, 2020. This long delay is inexcusable, and the worst airline service ever! It also reflects poorly on Portugal, as TAP is the National airline.

By Michael Caplan from USA on 15-09-2020 06:53

I wont be visiting Portugal till ever again and will continue to tell my friends, employees and any one that will listen not to go since they are the largest owners of TAP Airline and are aware of how much money they are not refunding to travelers who by no fault of their have lost money since TAP Airline refuses to refund them for their tickets!
My Booking # is Q8F4GM I have been trying to get a refund since March.

Its a shame that TAP Airline represents Portugal.

By JorgeAlfonso from USA on 13-09-2020 05:02

I'm in the same boat as several others mentioned here. Flight cancelled due to covid, asked for a full refund in July. I was told, I will get in 1 month. Called in August, said will take 2 months, so I called them in September. Now they are saying it will take 2 more months.

By S Jacob from USA on 12-09-2020 04:10

I had a reservation with TAP where the flight was changed by 12 hours. I cancelled the flight and tried to contact TAP thru email because it would not let you apply for a refund online. They finally replied that you had to call them. When you call TAP the phone hangs up every time. My last time with TAP and Portugal.

By David from USA on 02-09-2020 06:14

I have just found out that my flights were canceled and they gave me different times. They said I can not get a refund because they gave me another flight that I have to agree on taking those flights even those times do not fit my needs. They said I could not get a refund as the flight was changed not canceled. When we purchased tickets it was big info on their website stating we could change for free our flight due to COVID until the end of September but they are claiming it is not true. It is a really horrible company.

By Kat from USA on 27-08-2020 11:00

Beyond frustrated with this airline! The airline cancelled our flights from NY to Italy due to COVID but never made us aware. When my fiance & I called early June, we were advised we'd receive our refund in 30 business days. We called a second time in July to check the status of our refund- they confirmed it was still being processed. When we reached out to the airline today 8/21 to check on the refund status, the customer service rep said the first time the refund request was entered in the system, it was entered incorrectly. She created a new case number for us but we will now have to wait another 90-120 business days to get our money back!!! When we asked to speak to a manager or supervisor, we were simply told that's just not possible. Disgusting customer service and airline! Save yourself the frustration & anger and do NOT book with TAP Portugal!!!!

By Karolyn Molina from USA on 21-08-2020 02:43

My boyfriend had a flight to come back home on Aug 15th, and they told him no. Tap refused to let him and others back to canada. Now just wait to get a refund for another ticket and they are telling him to pay for the taxes... He was there on time for his flight, and they told him NO...... i never liked tap air line, always a disappointment ????

By Rosario ferreira from Other on 20-08-2020 12:31

I have tickets to Portugal from the US in September, we are not allowed to come into Europe from the US. TAP, cancelled one leg of our flight and re-routed us. Changed the dates of travel on both the inbound and outbound flights. And, we are offered a credit for future travel..... I can't even get a hold of them.... terrible service.

By Cindy Mione from USA on 18-08-2020 03:57

It is more than obvious that most people complaining here against TAP are paid fakes. We all know very well what happened with COVID and A L L other airlines. I live in San Francisco and travel with TAP for many years via New York. Since last year direct and I hope to do it again from October when San Francisco gets online again.
People, get real, no one will give credibility for your pathetic posts.
TAP is MUCH MUCH better that ALL American and most European airlines.

By Anne from USA on 11-08-2020 09:24

This is the story that PT TV news has refused to even talk about since April. Only around ten days ago I nearly fell off my chair when a one minute passing item mentioned unhappy customers. But nothing happens. As a resident of PT I made an official complaint on the Official PT Gov Complaints website. Under the law the company has 15 days to respond. That was in MARCH. TAP do not respond. As other have said they simply 'disappeared' the proof of the flights from my account as it they had never existed.

Thankfully, I already had distrusted TAP for years (TAP to me always meant Take Another Plane) and so keep screen shots of every communication from them.

The levels of customer service are shocking even for a country that prides itself on being bad at CS. The posts on official FB and Twitter accounts for TAP show a hubris that is hard to beat. 'Look at our new planes! Where would you like to fly today?" Just give me my money back is the chorus of thousands of mistreated customers. I have been sitting waiting for something to happen. But it's August and nothing has, except the PT Gov kindly gave the Brazilian owner €55 million euros to leave them with his bankrupt joke of an airline.
My loss is around 1000 euros far less than many on here but its the principle.
TAP is a disgrace and yet the majority of Portuguese believe it is their national flag carrier. Sadly, they are kind of right. This culture of shocking customer service can also be seen on the reviews of almost all Lisbon AirBnb places when the lockdown occurred. "Sorry not our problem, we are keeping your money."

So it's no surprise that TAP has the same bloody minded attitude towards its customers.
Just put its Airbus head in the sand and pretend these customers don't exist, "we'll always get more! "Well, TAP, I will travel with ANY other airline I can rather than ever give you money again. And from what I read on Facebook, Twitter and finally here on a PT newspaper (taken you guys long enough!) I am not alone. Of course because its considered the national carrier the airline will be endlessly 'rescued' by the state. If you think a part privatised airline has bad customer wait until you see the new Aeroflot style TAP.

By Gary from Lisbon on 06-08-2020 12:40

TAP cancelled two tickets in April and issued two vouchers. In June I attempted to book two tickets using the vouchers using TAP's website. The tickets were denominated in US dollars. The vouchers are denominated in euros. TAP would not accept the vouchers and stated that they were invalid because the denominated currencies on the vouchers and the tickets did not match! I consider this action to be fraudulent and have asked my credit card company for a chargeback.

By Peter from USA on 02-08-2020 03:13

Was in Portugal and had 4 flights cancelled. After hours of requests received vouchers for the cancellations however on line they indicate vouchers are for 120%. Mine are not. Have to use the vouchers within one year and am currently having trouble booking the future flights. Given that this airline is the national airline and owned 50% by the government, the board of directors needs to put new management in place at the top. they are not given direction to their team or to their customers. The right people could change this customer service problem overnight with some direction, clarity and reasonable responses. Come on board do your job!!!

By William David Oliver from Other on 30-07-2020 08:36

My flight was cancelled 40 minutes prior to departure in February 2020 (before the lockdowns commenced around Europe). I followed the TAP complaints procedure and have received ZERO correspondence since. Impossible to get through on the phone. Directly violating EU legal requirements on refunds. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

By Rory from UK on 28-07-2020 03:01

TAP is a disgrace to their country and should have their national status stripped from them. They continue to ignore us and still have not replied since March and have not correctly transferred what they owe us since January. They think that by ignoring us, we will go away. This again shows what a disgrace they are and we shall continue to press for our payment for as long as it takes. We will not go away.

By Charles Hutchinson from Other on 27-07-2020 10:32

My girlfriend and I were going on a trip but had to cancel our flights due to our cruise being canceled all of our other hotels and flights gave us full refunds but not TAP. We paid nearly 2 grand in tickets and when I tried to do a refund voucher they only gave us the taxes aka 200 dollars. I ask where in the process did I agree to this amount and have heard nothing back

By Tony Lee from USA on 08-07-2020 03:48

My god-daughter has been stuck here since end of March, due to the pandemic ( no ones fault ). After many phone calls to the center, and 4 days later, they answer! Got a flight re-booked for 3rd July. Had a conformation email, 2nd July, for on-line check in, London - Lisbon, Lisbon - Recife. Got to the airport today, was told no flights to Recife, fly to Sao Paulo, maybe you can get a flight to Recife, at some time. What bull is that? How can you expect someone to travel to a different destination, that is a four hour flight away from your original destination, and " hope " to get a flight back? Come on TAP, you should have either sent an email to say no flight, or arranged for another company to take her from SP to REC. What if we wasn't around? She would be stuck here on the streets until they can sort this out? TAP, contact me asap, and get this sorted, please.

By Jason from UK on 04-07-2020 12:08

TAP refused our refund for return flights from London to the Gambia via Lisbon.
After going backwards and forwards on numerous occasions, we took out a court summons.
Once this was issued they settled, including court costs.

By Guy Barry from UK on 02-07-2020 09:48

Y flight from Toronto to Amsterdam via Lisbon from 21st of April 2020 was canceled. I received an email 29th of April for a voucher plus 20% of the paid fare, ore 100% cash. I rang on the 30th of April and told them I wanted the cas refund. Now 2 months later and several phonecalls I am still waiting for my money.

By Cor van der Want from Other on 01-07-2020 09:28

We flew on TAP on the 23rd December to Luxembourg via Lisbon, to be with our son, his wife and our two grandchildren for Christmas. We checked in a hold suitcase which was filled with Christmas presents, stocking fillers, a whole Spanish ham, washing gear, toiletries, etc. plus my ipad.

The flight was nearly 2 hours late departing from Malaga and by the time we reached Lisbon, there was just enough time to make the connection after we insisted the captain radioed ahead. We arrived in Luxembourg to find our case missing (we waited nearly an hour at the carousel to ensure it was not in the bowels of the airport somewhere) and so we filed a missing bag claim.

The days went by without our suitcase and frankly our Christmas was wrecked without us being able to give our family their presents, especially the grandchildren and, of course, it was very embarrassing. Not to say that we had no toiletries, which we had to borrow from the family. Christmas Day came and went and we departed on the 26th December. At the airport, we met an elderly couple with whom we had flown out and they had also lost their luggage. They were informed they had been bumped off their connecting flight to Malaga in Lisbon, so they had to stay the night there (thankfully we weren’t). I am only including this to show the chaotic way in which TAP operate and manage their passengers and flights. It was obvious that TAP combined two flights together and because we had booked earlier than them (?), we were allowed on?!

They are totally incompetent. Because they wouldn’t give us an email address, we called them on a number we got on the internet (I have a recording of the conversation).We submitted a claim for personal items we need for the time we are without our suitcase for €755.37. We could have claimed for more. The maximum allowed is around €1200 (1000 SDR).

The bottom line is that we still have not received reimbursement for what we spent at Luxembourg airport on the way back, 6 months later. In February they eventually paid up by bank transfer. It never arrived as they used incorrect transfer instructions which my bank has confirmed. This resulted in it being returned. Despite this they would not correctly transfer it again. One naturally speculates whether they did this deliberately to avoid paying.

They have broken the contract – we contracted them to fly a suitcase to Luxembourg and back. In both directions, they have failed. TAP gave us a wrecked family Christmas. We have received absolutely no reimbursement. Simple .

By Charles Hutchinson from Other on 30-06-2020 10:42

tap really disappointed me too..I asked for my refund and they told me refunding cloud take up to 3months... am really bankrupt to afford some airlines which are operating in Senegal... am tap asking a rescue otherwise they will my life to risk... they making losses myself. am confused

By kebba from Other on 30-06-2020 10:11

Just adding another note to this list, I doubt TAP is reading this. But they are lying and the worse airline I have dealt with ever. It is a shame, because Portugal is an amazing country and many of the flights are on TAP that are direct, its not even a matter of price. The tourism board of Portugal should work with another airline to provide service as TAP makes it such a pain to get to such an amazing place.

By David from USA on 29-06-2020 06:59

I am not looking forward to dealing with this airline. I have a flight booked for August but with the virus situation will not be going. I also lost money on my Airbnb. The woman refused to refund my money. I really am rethinking Portugal. Take your money and screw you.

By Debra Rose from USA on 29-06-2020 04:55

I will never book again with TAP. Still waiting for a refund for my cancelled flight, they said they will only give me a voucher.

By Andrea Barbato from Other on 29-06-2020 03:12

I'm un unsatisfied Tap customer too. My flight Naples-Boston has been cancelled but the company refuses to refund me. Instead, my flight Boston-Naples with Norwegian has been refunded in few days!

By Anna Andreozzi from Other on 29-06-2020 03:04

I was told by customer service on 3/31/20 that I would receive a refund on my CC by mid April. Then I was told mid May. I have a case # but they do not respond. I'm sure there are thousands who were left hanging by this airline and there must be a lawyer willing to file a class action suit.

By PHIL BAILEY from USA on 29-06-2020 12:33

TAP cancelled my flight from the US to the UK in June. Then tried the charge me double to reschedule the flight one month later. Then cancelled that flight. Now they are selling g flights that don't exist and they have no intention of fulfilling.

By Mark from UK on 29-06-2020 01:36

Tap needs a total change in management

By Paul from Lisbon on 28-06-2020 02:53

Yes I have the same experience of them canceling the flight and no helpful communication to simply point to third party agency. Eu law directly confirms the responsibility is the airline! More to complain but already done by others.

By Riccardo Gaudino from Porto on 28-06-2020 02:33

TAP is the worst airline for customer service and aftercare. I flew from TLV to London via Lisbon and it arrived 5 hours late due to engine issues. Under EU law I should have received a 300 euros compensation but 8 months later they hadn't done it. I will never fly TAP. Take Another Plane.

By Noah feizpour from UK on 28-06-2020 12:05

This week, I found out that it was not actually TAP who issued a refund ..it is a temporary credit from my credit card company as they dispute with TAP for failure to provide service. It will not be considered permanent until the issue is resolved with TAP. ~Margot Wright

By Margot Wright from USA on 27-06-2020 11:29

My US flight to Dublin via Lisbon was cancelled. I repeatedly asked for a refund and said I did not want a voucher. After repeated complaints, I was directed to link labelled "refund". OK I clicked on the link and was sent a stinking voucher accompanied by a statement that I had agreed to accept a voucher in lieu of a refund--which absolutely infuriated me. So I wrote back to complaints and they sent me a response that the complaint department did not handle requests for refunds. They directed me to a phone number that did not work.

I ended up filing a complaint with Visa & they gave me a provisional credit.

In the meantime I aired the problem on facebook. They asked me to put it in instant messaging to protect my privacy. I refused to do that as that would only protect the airline. I put all the information up on facebook in public and said I wanted the cash refund posted to my credit card account within 5 days. Ha!

TAP Air Portugal is either totally disorganized or run by thieves. I would never use them again.

On a happier note, my request for a refund from Air Lingus took 5 minutes and was a totally pleasant experience. The phone number worked.

By Lauren Kahn from USA on 27-06-2020 06:24

TAP AIR Portugal has deceived all of their customers around the world. This is not simply an issue in Portugal yet I hope Portugal does something about this airline. I also hope this article circulates around the globe and creates bigger noise over TAP’s decisions to defraud their customers. I am one of thousands of people TAP AIR Portugal has refused to provide a cash refund to after canceling my flight due to Covid-19 and trying to stick a voucher down my throat. I’m absolutely disgusted with their business ethics and lack of customer service (no customer service at all). Truly deceiving and disgustingly terrifying.

By Nina from USA on 27-06-2020 06:18

Our flights were canceled by TAP months ago. They confirmed numerous times they would refund the thousands they owed us. We were supposed to be refunded by April 24th. Each time we call, they say it is still processing and will be a little longer with the back up. This was a trip to celebrate our daughter’s college graduation. Now, she gets nothing...not even hope...thanks to their deception. They are refunding no one based on the comments on their web page and the forums I follow. Shameful.

By Christi Day from USA on 27-06-2020 04:58

I only got TAP to agree to refund me the money for 2 first class tickets after I got the US Department of Transportation involved. That was back in April, and I still haven't actually seen the money. Nor have I been able to get through to an actual human to try to get any resolution.

By Gayle Ehrenman from USA on 27-06-2020 03:42

TAP is disgraceful. Cancelled flights ( I understand that), but then zero communication about cancellations, refund, voucher - nothing. I’m now getting the runaround with TAP - if they had better customer service, I might have been OK with a voucher- now I am super motivated to get a full refund and never use the airline again.

By Rich from USA on 27-06-2020 03:00

TAP are an awful airline, they are badly organised, constantly late and the whole experience is far more stressful than necessary.

At one point I had 12 future flights booked with them and yet again I got delayed for the 13th flight in a row. I complained (nicely I might add) and got nothing, I emailed, nothing. I had dinner with the lady in charge of marketing for TAP at Heathrow as she was also delayed, nothing.

All I got was an email (after three months) of contact saying “I hope this email satisfies your need for a reply”.

I cancelled all of my flights and moved to another airline.

For several years I have flown between Lisbon and London for business, I never even look at TAP (take another plane) any more.

By James from Lisbon on 27-06-2020 11:45

Had an excellent experience with TAP. Flight cancelled from Gatwick due to COVID-19 so I contacted them telephonically without difficulty and was given a new return flight for the same date in August from Heathrow as well as a voucher for another flight that I could no longer make use of. They offered a refund but I chose a voucher instead which I can use during 2021 as long as I make the reservation before the end of March 2021

By Marilia Guerreiro from Algarve on 27-06-2020 09:25

We had the same issue with TAP. Our tickets were canceled by the airline in April and we were not able to get our refund since then. TAP offers us a voucher but our visas are expired and we do not have holidays and plans to go to Italy. We tried to contact TAP as well as Gotogate (the agency) through phone multiple times but both just try to hang us there without solving the problem. We also left them messages on FB but no reply. We had to file the complaint to the US DOT. Let’s see what will happen. We are really disappointed with TAP.

By Yuan Zhou from USA on 27-06-2020 12:27

tap lost my luggage on the 23rd of December.2019. had to fill a form at Gatwick Norwegian handers for TAP ,was told the bag would be returned to me,am still waiting .I put in a claim Feb 2020.it will be resolved by next week every time I call,they don't reply to emails only phone calls.

By ken nti asomani from UK on 26-06-2020 11:44

I am a travel agent who booked 5 customers on TAP back in February from Miami to Lisbon for travel on September 9th. They were scheduled to join a religious tour but due to the virus the group postponed the trip to next September 2021. I've written TAP twice since April for a waiver so I can rebook them for next year understanding there will be a $300 change fee. The TAP res agent advised me their tickets are only valid for 1 year from date of issue. Unfortunately, the new dates would not qualify under these terms. Most of the other carriers are allowing a 2 year travel time frame to rebook. Under the current circumstances I am hoping that TAP will do the same. I am not asking for a refund just a date change. I was told only if TAP cancels their flight will they qualify for a voucher for future travel. I'm hoping TAP will finally see my emails, allow for the change and make 5 new customers very happy.

By Mylene Martin from USA on 26-06-2020 09:42

I have flying with Tap Many times in my life and I have been very satisfied with the time check and departure.
But the rest results TAP is a disgraceful company to deal with. The trying to robe people and any way they can.
I hope this company goes dawn for GOOD.

By FELIX Gomez cachaldora from UK on 26-06-2020 09:42

I did receive vouchers for my trip that was starting today, tickets that I bought October last year.
I am very disappointed with TAP beucase the vouchers that they give us came with a 20% reduction for the original amount paid by us. They did not ask you if you accept or not to accept a voucher with this reduction, you will see it when you are receiving the vouchers.
They are the ones that cancell my trip from Chicago to Madrid ( I do have a print screen saying that my trip was cancelled)
I know that not body was expecting to have this pandemic but this is a very bad beginning for TAP to started to fly last year with a direct fly from Chicago to Lisbon.
I have a friend that book his flight with American airlines and after all flights were cancelled to Europe American airline call him and offer him to give him a voucher for 120% of the value of the original ticket if he accepted the voucher or 100% refund for the ticket.
That is the way that TAP should manage this situation...
Shame on you TAP.

By Jorge DaSilva from USA on 26-06-2020 08:21

I am another one of these upset customers. TAP cancelled $6000 worth of flights for my family and has refused to refund us. I'll never fly TAP again.

By Jim Baxa from USA on 26-06-2020 05:48

Those who have had good experiences with TAP, I’m pleased for you. Unfortunately from my own experience and from many hundreds of others I have spoken to on social media, that does not appear to be the norm. I’ve now been waiting nearly 100 days for my refund or vouchers and have been told so many different things by different departments. Living in hope!

By Johnathan Schroder from Other on 26-06-2020 03:50

Where is the Portuguese government? Yes, they are talking about giving TAP money.

Politicians are like diapers , change them often

By Roy from Algarve on 26-06-2020 02:58

I had some flights from UK to Portugal booked with TAP. Of course due to Corvid19 it was not possible to travel. I called them about the cancelled flights and got through quickly. Tried that with Easyjet and Jet2 for other reservations i had and gave up, they take ages to reply to an email too.
TAP gave me vouchers for future travel plus 20%, I'm impressed with their promptness. I find TAP a good airline to use.

By Carl Spurling from UK on 26-06-2020 02:25

On the 06th June I received an email from TAP cancelling my nieces return ticket to Fortaleza Brazil. I visited their covid 19 we page and searched for flights. It stated that there will only be one flight per week in July and two in August. I immediately called TAP, got through to reservations quite quickly. Asked them if my niece could have a seat on that weekly flight. All was confirmed, now she is travelling 4 days later. I was well impressed as I had flights in April with Easyjet and they never replied, got my refund back 45 days later in full.

By Colin Anstey from UK on 26-06-2020 09:39

I guess by now everybody should be warned about TAP. This company deserves to go down and even the Portuguese should reject its rescue ecause it was bankrupt before Corona. Portugal doesn't need a national carrier.

I received my vouchers for cancelled flights, but always only after I sent in follow up requests. I am really feeling with people that had expensive flights and are being betrayed by TAP.

By John Dough from Lisbon on 26-06-2020 08:22
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