TAP restructuring “inevitable”

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The restructuring process of TAP is inevitable, in order to make the company healthy and viable said the Minister of Infrastructure and Housing, Pedro Nuno Santos.

Asked by journalists about the non-renewal of a contract with more than 300 workers the minister stressed that TAP requires a restructuring process that "is inevitable and that obviously has consequences".

"A great effort is being made to assist and save TAP, because we understand that it is an airline too important for the Portuguese economy to give up on it, but the financial effort that is being made demands that we manage to have a viable and sustainable solution" he said.

The Government intends to carry out the restructuring "in the least traumatic way possible, but we cannot maintain a dimension of TAP that is not necessary for the demand we have", added Pedro Nuno Santos.

"We have to make an adjustment to the reality we face, so that we can better manage the money of all Portuguese people", underlined the minister, adding that the Government's concern is to keep TAP "healthy and viable".


TAP obviously cannot meet its legal liabilities. They are refusing refunds under EU 261/2004 because of "current circumstances", but there is no such excuse under the law, and the EU has made clear the consumer protection rules still apply.

If it cannot meet its liabilities, then it is insolvent. It should cease trading. The directors are criminally responsible if they continue to run an insolvent business and take people's money for flights, while they continue to refuse refunds they are legally obliged to make.

The Portuguese government is throwing consumers under the bus, leaving them out of pocket, to try to maintain TAP. The EU is basically letting this happen.

It is time for the governments to think about people at this time. Bailouts should start from the bottom up. If consumer law is ignored with impunity, I as a consumer will simply never buy anything from Portugal ever again. I'll use foreign airlines in countries that respect the rules, and every other big purchase too.

By Paul from Lisbon on 15-09-2020 04:12

I feel sorry for the individual employees affected here but as a company TAP don’t deserve to be saved after the way they treated thousands of customers during the COVID crisis. I eventually got my cancelled flight refund but I had to fight like crazy for it, stranded in a foreign country, and it still took 120 days for me to receive it. That is not how you treat or keep customers. Next time I fly to Brazil it will NOT be with TAP.

By Johnathan Schroder from UK on 15-09-2020 06:59

The brazilians should have been thrown out years ago. Incompetent bunch!

By Ronald Neves from Lisbon on 14-09-2020 08:49
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