Tax on cars imported prior to July 2007 to be refunded

By TPN/Lusa, in News · 10-01-2020 01:00:00 · 17 Comments

Portugal’s Tax and Customs Authority (AT) are to refund the car tax, paid by the owners of imported cars after 1 July 2007.

According to a report by news agency Lusa, the legislation that came into force on 1 January of this year now foresees that from now on, cars imported from other European Union countries, with their first registration prior to July 2007, will pay the car tax according to the rules and tables in force before this date, but there were no indications of a possible refund of the amount paid in previous years.

In a written reply to Lusa on whether the car tax already paid by the owners of these vehicles was to be returned, an official source from the ministry of finance stated that it did not have elements that would allow a rigorous assessment of the universe covered and the corresponding amounts of tax to be returned.

“Although the use of different sources of information is understandable, it cannot be overlooked that any estimate is always of a speculative nature,” the source told Lusa.

The official source said that the government has asked AT to release a public clarification on the subject through a note to be published on the Finance Portal.

In addition, AT gave internal guidelines for the non-continuation of litigation regarding the IUC levied on vehicles that were registered, for the first time, in a member state of the European Union or the European Economic Area before July 2007, in the framework of the decision already taken by the CJEU, and with which Portugal conforms.

The finance ministry pointed out that AT’s action fits into the guideline given to improve the relationship with the taxpayer, namely the dimension of eliminating unnecessary litigation.


I assume that somebody on your editorial staff reads the comments on articles such as this. The majority of Comments consider that the article itself is, basically, gibberish so can somebody please explain why it has not been amended? I want to know EXACTLY what are the facts. At the moment this is amateurish journalism at its very worst.

By PG from Lisbon on 16-01-2020 05:21

What an appalling bit of 'journalism', or is it just shoddy translation??

By Richard Purdom from Lisbon on 15-01-2020 10:47

IT IS A SHAME that our governants have the courage to steal from the people.
The EU should enforce and check other areas as is quite obvious of other irregularities.

By Luis Fernandes from Algarve on 12-01-2020 08:58

Does this mean that my car which is from 1997, imported in Portugal in 2009 from The Netherlands is eligible for a refund of all excess roadtax i payed during all those years ??? How do I know and how do I get the refund ???

By noud from Madeira on 12-01-2020 06:04

I think they mean refunds for cars that were first registered in another eu country prior to July 2007 but imported into Portugal after July 1st 2007. (say bought and registered in France January 2005 and owner relocated to Portugal August 2007)

By Shay from Madeira on 11-01-2020 11:24

As a former tax specialist have read the article a few times, but make no sense of it!

By Ro Les from UK on 11-01-2020 09:33

Also in says there is no indication of a refund. So why crate sensation ?

To get reader traction. Fake news !!!!

By Percy Johnston from Madeira on 11-01-2020 07:49

Quote... the government are trying to be fair with the taxpayer.
What a load of rubbish..they have been unfairly charging importation tax on vehicles against the eu rules for years . Making a lot of money illegally and paying a fine back to the eu.
Portugal is a very special place and we are proud to live here but some things are so complicated and they don’t need to be.
Thought for today...I pay green waste at 30 cents per cubic meter of WATER I more water pay more waste. Use well water
No charge. Who worked that one out? Mickey Mouse ????

By Tony Coe from Porto on 11-01-2020 05:22

So is it before or after July 2007?

By OZ from Algarve on 10-01-2020 10:16

Once again, a very confused article.
Do your reporters rely on Google translator?

By Paul from Algarve on 10-01-2020 09:13

Sorry but I’m a bit confused, the headline says PRIOR to July 07 but the article says FROM 01 July 07 . Can someone please let me know If it is before or after July 07?

By Gabriela Robinson from UK on 10-01-2020 08:39

I think that is not just the government that needs clarification from the AT! We need clarification from your article as it contradicts itself. I think you need someone to read proof your articles before publication.

By Paula Taylor from Algarve on 10-01-2020 08:09

Very confusing article. Could you plse clarify. I unjustly paid 9’000 euro to import a 2 year old car in 2008 and would of course be delighted to see some of that returned.

By Willem from Algarve on 10-01-2020 07:14

What about cars from non-European countries? We imported a car from Canada and we were taxed after we brought the car back. Who's going to reimburse us?

By I think Google Translate has struck again. from Other on 10-01-2020 06:44

What a contradictory news is it!!!! Is it prior to or after 2007??????

By Dag from Lisbon on 10-01-2020 06:30

Your news is confusing is it prior to 2007 as your headline states or Portugal’s Tax and Customs Authority (AT) are to refund the car tax, paid by the owners of imported cars after 1 July 2007.

By Spencer Cox from Other on 10-01-2020 02:36

The headline and the article contradict each other. Which one is it???

By Hi from Lisbon on 10-01-2020 09:00
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